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Is Division really, all that ?


Short answer, possibly. 

The Division has set off a great progression, currently the player base enjoying which direction the game is heading into with the Incursion's being released for free with this first one. Adding Item sets making players want to play and want to earn these rewards for the set bonuses is exactly what a game needs however how long will this game last is the real question.

Previous games like Destiny had a consistant strong player base but after the last expansion the player base started to drop, due to the fact the game became more of a "I HAVE to do this raid" which wasn't fun anymore, the difficulty disappeared and so did fun, in result is why bungie has most likely released this next expansion free if you have the taken king purchased.

Now considering that is The Division going to fall short similar to this ?
Again in short, I hope not.

This game so far ticks every box Destiny missed, and comparing it to Warframe, it has the player base to keep it healthy and a studio big enough to keep content at a high quality.

I advise picking up this game if you have not because the future seems bright and so far I am enjoying it and so is many other players, yes there is some minor bugs but so does many other games, fight through these and enjoy the game.

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