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Friday Night Fights: Too Many Games Edition


A long time ago I wrote some blogs on my main account (or maybe it was under the recaps team one) about how there's just too damn much to play. Hell I remember making a list out of it - okay it wasn't that long. Point is, that list had to be put on hold (ironically) because new shit came out. And there's always old shit you haven't heard of yet like some kind of old new shit. As gamers it's like we're buried under a mountain of games that we'll never have enough time to sit down and experience because of work, school, sleep, life. 


So why do we bother? How the hell can you enjoy games when you know after this one there's a bazillion more waiting for your time and attention - and more or less equally deserving of it? Maybe we should just shut up and read a book or something. Or go back to playing Battlefront for hours.. 

How do you do it, does a big back log scare you off of gaming or do you militantly follow some kind of gaming schedule. Share in the comments below. Also host something ya dingus.



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