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Closet Harry Potter Fans Rejoice! Replacement covers afoot to hide thine shame!

Thanks to the great guys at pointlesswasteoftime.com your secret love of all things Potter can be shrouded in these pre-made manly covers to avoid inconvenient meetings with burly men or idiotic/bigoted non-lovers of Wizards!

Samples include such dashing stories as:

"Memoirs Of A Shark Fucker" - The touching story of one mans struggle to overcome being marooned on a desert island for 24 years and his wiliness to defeat his "greatest enemy", but first he has to fuck it. With a premise like that, who would dare question your manliness as your leaf through a memoir written on "driftwood and a pen fashioned from his own excrement"

Or how could somebody refuse

"Death Hall" - Harry Warthog, They killed parents, They killed his uncle, They killed his teacher, but they couldn't kill his hate!. The New York Times review on the back truly sums up this tome of testosterone "WILL COMPLETELY BLOW YOUR SHIT OFF"

From The Author of "Bastard Fuck" and "Tithooker" how could anyone question your interest in such childish, immature works of literature.

Prefer something with a Harry Potter theme already intact, try

"Deathly Hollows"

I stopped reading after page 3 when my balls exploded. - New York Times

"Prisoner of Ass Cabin" - The road through the mountains is paved...with rape.

"the anal sex sequences, particularly in chapters 1, 3-5, 7, 10-16, 22-30, are described in such graphic, intricate detail, that i literally vomited onto my copy of the book." - New York Times

Truly with books of this nature you can relax publicly while reading the final chapter of the epic tale of one boys sruggle against unstopable evil in peace full knowing that who would dare look twice at someone who is content reading "Fuck Wars",a book, according to Mitch Albom, so brilliany that the book was "So unabashedly macho, that my dick grew a beard and cockslapped my wife"

Potter fans, breathe easy...'Nonce-bashings' no-more!

(Incidently, while not a fan of the books it does baffle me the urge people have to read this book so publicly, i mean i remember walking down the street the morning after the last book was realeased and seeing multiple people walking through the cities main street while also reading...Is it THAT important to read you need to waste as little time as possible? Staying in is not enough??? These jacket covers are my gift to you so if you do happen upon some scumbags, at least your not reading the new Harry Potter..Surely the reading of this book without such amazing faux-covers will incur a quick trip the nearest intensive care unit. Or perhaps im just living in the wrong city.)

Linkage: http://www.pointlesswasteoftime.com/pottercovers.html

Check out the covers below!
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