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10 years of Destructoid, 1 year of me


Wow, Destructoid has already been around since 2006. I remember that year: I was still in high-school, beginning to get really invested in wrestling, torrenting shitty-looking videos with shitty internet, watching a lot of AVGN, the Wii was launched…it wasn’t the greatest period in my life, but not the worst.

But while I knew of its existence, I didn’t have much of a connection with this website. I don’t know if I’d be right, but I suppose it wasn’t as personality and community-driven as it seems to be nowadays, which is one of Dtoid’s characteristics I most appreciate.

From the most prevalent and over-the-top people, to those who may not be as expansive, it’s honestly been a lot of fun. The same can be said for having been writing and discussing with you all – finally getting my thoughts and ideas out there. So today I’ll be choosing five of my favorite blog entries of my first year in Destructoid, and it’d be wonderful if you could tell me what some of your favorites were, what you may have enjoyed the most, or the least, from my contributions. I’d love to know!

Now, let’s get to it.

10 things out of 720

This was becoming rather popular around the time when I created my account, so I thought “why not?” I was a new guy, not one knew who the hell I was, probably a nice way to introduce myself to the community.

I called it 10 things out of 720, in reference to my username, hoping that I could continue it in if I ever decided to share other stuff on the same vein, and that people wouldn’t actually expect me to get to 720; mainly because I’d have to resort to “#73 – I like dogs // #74 – But I also like cats // #75 – And I like pizza (unrelated to the previous entries)”.

But yeah, it’s an enjoyable exercise for me too, understanding which 10 things about me would work best as the first impression many of you would be having – and those are said to be  very, very important. That’s precisely why one those things was “I love pressing buttons!”

Series that lost their shine

My longest blog post to date – because when it’s time to complain or read complaints, people sure do get invested. Or I hope people did, because I also took the time to share some of my favorite experiences in gaming in all of the series I wrote about – Metal Gear Solid, Professor Layton and the Mario&Luigi games – and those abound.

And that’s a big reason why I wanted to write about this topic, because while it may seem to be rooted in more negative feelings, I also wanted to highlight the positivity and the expectation formed around these games. Which ended up feeding the hype that, in some cases, may have led to disappointment. But even with that disappointment, those feeling of love and enjoyment didn’t fade – and don’t need to fade (another thing I wanted to convey).

The length of the post was greatly influenced by the community actually, as I read many cblogs where the writer really took their time and explored the themes, and the readers (myself included) were perfectly fine with it. Which was a breath of fresh air, since in my personal blog I try to keep the length in check; maybe a bit too much. So thank you for that!

Writing about what you love

When I began writing more frequently, it became quickly became apparent that I conveying something through writing and through speech are very different things.

For many years, I was considerably introverted and generally kept a whole lot to myself. Then, by the time I entered college, my conversational capabilities – and overall attitude and disposition – really got a boost in confidence, with those closest to me being able to attest for my never shutting up when I get going.

But for all those elements that aid you while in face-to-face conversation – gestures, tone of voice, etc – there’s no such thing in your text (emoticons aside) so you have to resort to other techniques. Techniques I didn’t really develop. And that was frustrating.

Those frustrations of feeling like I wasn’t able to share my experiences as I’d like led me to write this sort of brainstorming, in my best effort to put it all into text. I hope I was able to do it, even if only a little, because writing this was pretty cathartic, in a way.

So that just happened – The Talos Principle

Despite wanting to write about games for the longest time, I never intended to do “reviews” in the typical sense. There are many people who have that covered, and who would probably do a better job than me. That’s why I’d rather focus on my personal experience, as that’s what no one else but I can bring to the table and may be more interesting to read (at least that’s what I look for).

The result of this post on The Talos Principle left me genuinely proud; I wrote it just the way I wanted it to. Other one that I’m really happened with how it turned out is the one about Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters. In that one’s case I was having a bit of trouble, trying to convey stuff in a very specific way. But since I care more about these than some of my college reports I take the time to review them, so they tend to work out fine.

Anyway, The Talos Principle is a beautiful game and I hope you got that from what I wrote.

Trip to Barcelona part 1 and part 2

I really like to read those kinds of convention/road trip stories, so I was pretty pumped to produce my very own version. It’s almost like an exercise in storytelling. And it damn felt like it when I got to meet Suda 51 and Shinji Mikami! I believe I managed to nail this exactly the way I intended, which is great; I just let it flow and there it was. I had so much fun with it, which is also pretty great!

I won’t spoil anything for those who didn’t have the opportunity to read it, but it has a pretty unexpected conclusion. Or not. You’ll see.


I’ve had a blast during my time here and sincerely hope to continue being a part of the community. Now, like I said before, I’d really like to hear from you about how you feel about my writing, about my posts and whatever else you may s desire.

Thank you for reading and keep being great.

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