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My Favourite Shotguns in Video Games.


In this blog I will be explaining my favourites shotguns in video games. I will be judging the shotguns on power, sound, gore effects, and how cool it looks. And reading this blog I sound like a psycho and more likely put on a police's watch list after this so enjoy.

Note: if your favourite shotgun isn't in this list I probably haven't play your game or was outclass by another shotgun in the list.

Note 2: one shotgun per franchise.


Brutal Doom: Super Shotgun

Lets start with the most classic shotgun made even better. This gun defines shotguns in video games. It takes the already awesome shotgun from Doom and made better in everyway. Twice as strong, a even bigger spread and a sound that's like god's sneeze and with Brutal Doom mod extra gore :). Sure it take two shots at once but the reloading animation deny any arguments.


Resident Evil 2: Custom Shotgun

This shotgun is real powerhouse. It can kill any 1 to 3 zombies in one shot and a black licker (racist) in two shots. The spread is so wide I think it's shooting zombies behind me. Each shot sounds like trapping a bear in a metal room for 1 hour and you trap every sound the bear makes with banging and clawing in a desperate attept to escape. Thats what it exactly sounds like. And were finished yet, the last and best part is it's gore effects. You can blast a zombie in the shins, blow it's head off or even better shoot the torso and the zombie rips off from his bottom half and crawls towards you. So much fun.

Unreal Tournament: Flak Cannon

It's a shotgun that it's primary fire shoots many explosive casings that can bounce off into enemies or uses splash damage on it's secondary fire. Any victim in it's way comes out as red paste. One shot is more than enough to kill anyone in close range and became the bane of many online players. I suppose you can say it's not really a shotgun but it control and behaves like a shotgun so that counts in my book or blog in this case.

it just as cool as it looks

Die Hard Trilogy: Explosive Shotgun

Look how cool that explosion looks. Now imagine a gun that shoots those explosions. Die Hard Trilogy has it and it's awesome as it sounds. there's really not much words needed for this weapon. Sure maybe good people get stuck in the cross fire but with this shotgun they will be no evidence after this gun is done with them ;).

Metal Slug: Shotgun

Sure maybe the weapon is not that great and your probably gonna die before you get a chance to to use it. But any enemies killed by this is showcase by beautiful death sprites from SNK. The shotgun rips the enimies's flesh and bones are shown to blow away in the wind while nothing is left by the solider that once existed.

Max Payne: Jackhammer

Other than having one greatest names for a weapon, the jackhammer is one of (if not is) best weapons in the games. Ammo is very scarce for this beast (maybe the goverment made the weapon illegal because it's an unholy weapon). It kills most enimies in one shot, works well in    mid - long range and has rapid fire rate. What makes this weapon in the list is the slow mo Max can do that make weapon even more awesome than it is.

so cool

Bulletstorm: Boneduster

What cooler than a double barrel shotgun... add two more on it. This shotgun doesn't do much than much shotgun but with Grayson (who super cool because he's voiced by Steve Blum) leash powers you can pull you enimies close and see all the limbs you blown right in front of you. Shame the game didn't do so well at the sales.

Honourable Mentions

  • Duke Nukem: Shotgun
  • Hitman: Dual Sawn Shotgun
  • Yakuza Dead Souls: Meat Grinder (By name along it's worth a mention)
  • GTA Vice City: Spas 12

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments.

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