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Tired of saving the world too?


If there is one thing I'm really tired of doing in games, it’s “saving the world”. It kills my immersion in a cool open world game, when some trivial linear "save the world" story has to fill a big part of the game. I save the world and the princess at least 12 times a year, and when you have played games for more than 20 years it becomes a bit monotonous.


I myself am a part of this "vicious circle of people" that makes these worn-out stories in games. I have written and directed two free 2D indie shoot ‘em up games where you in one world have to save a large city from evil ghosts and in the other you have to save Christmas. In both games, we try to “take the piss out of” these stories; in the first one the gamer did not really save the city because they failed to beat a giant monster, which would probably destroy the city after the game ended. And in the Christmas game the gamer could in the end choose to take a big bag of gold from the villain, shoot Santa Claus and thus ruin Christmas for everyone.


Although we try to make something different with the jokes it was still the usual story. Now we are working on a new indie game where we try to do something that is truly different. A small game which is NOT about you having to save the world, and where the player can change the game's story in multiple ways. We are even playing with the idea that the player could change the "gameplay" during the game. It has been very refreshing (and hard) to write on this project so far, and we have had a much easier time coming up with new ideas which I think is funny and slightly original.


Associated with my work on this new project, I would love to hear from people who are tired of saving the world too. Why are you tired of saving the world? And what would you like to experience in games instead?

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