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The Song (Doesn't) Remain the Same: Game Music Covers


So I was gonna write a blog about something else, but it kinda turned into me just wanting to post good game music from various artists, and hopefully generate discussion to discover others. Not the most orignal of blog posts, but I wanted ot listen to music as I write, so this is an excuse to do so. So to that end, let's talk about game music and some of the better arrangements by some well known, and maybe not so well known, cover artists. 

So first off I wanna go with metal covers. There are tons of folks on youtube that do these, some better than others. Of the ones that I've seen, the Gold Standard for me has always been the great 331Erock and his "Meets Metal" tunes. Dude covers many more than just games, but holy shit can he rip out some fantastic game pieces. Erock does a great job of expanding on some classic themes and adding to them with awesomely arranged solos. 


He has so much great content on his channel and covers everything from video games, to movies, to popular music. A couple non gaming favorites of mine are Sailor Moon Meets Metal and Pacific Rim Meets Metal. 


Another awesome metal musician is CSGuitar89. While not as active as Erock up there, he has put out a nice amount of quality tunes. Mostly from Zelda and Mario. He even released a full album dedicated to The Legend of Zelda. Here's a taste:




Metal may not be the right way to describe his covers. Some are more metal than others, so he has some range on how heavy the music comes out. Also that Zelda album I mentioned earlier: Totally free, along with his other covers.  A couple more I'd recommend from CS guitar would be a fun version of Jungle Japes from Donkey Kong 64 and Dire Dire Docks. 



Next up is a channel simply called Game and Sound.  And that's one thing I love about this channel, it's simple. The production value of the videos have gone up recently, but there is a no frills approach to the covers. They aren't exact replicas, but keep the spirit of the orignals to a pretty high degree. 



The guy has talent and clearly cares about his finished product jusging by some of the descripts on his videos. Give him some views and judge for yourself though! A couple other recommendations from me would be Aquatic Ambience and Stickerbrush Symphony from Donkey Kong Countries 1 and 2 respectively. (Full disclosure, this blog was originally going to be on David Wise and Grant Kirkhope. It's something I want to write up later. Huge fan of their work.)


Last, but not least, I wanna talk about The One Ups. They are a freaking fantastic funk cover band. They've released seven albums, and definitely deserve a ton of attention. 




The One Ups have been active for over ten years and are still making some great music. 


So yeah, everyone has a different ear for this sort of thing. Some of these won't sound as good to others as they do to me, but that's a good thing! Post your recommendations cause I'm always looking to discover new artists. Or just listen to some ones I already know. I'm always down for some Smooth McGroove. 


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