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Suikoden remake announced!!!


Konami have a reboot of the Suikoden series. With a interview with a Japanese game website Niseuso Komani have said that the remake will be available for Japanese only release (no western dates given) at early/mid 2017 for phones and the Vita (Thank god for no region locking for the Vita). Komani have also said they may port it over to other consoles and regions if there was enough demand.

Suikoden was about a son of a great general who joins the imperial army with his friends and realise how corrupt it has become by the king's sorceress. The hero later gets involed with the resistance army to save his friend from the empire. It's simple JRPG that is famous for the amount of party members you can earn.

Personally I'm really excitied (you can guess by name and pice alone) for this game. It might something I might buy a vita for. I hope with the remake they add new things like fill in some of the character's backstories because some of the recruits have little involement with anything. But what makes me even more excited that if this does well enough they might make a remake of Suikoden 2 featuring the return of yours truly.

The interview can be found here

Huh so this was my first blog.

- Keep scrolling.

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