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Friday Night Fights - A Message From Ouya Sanders


My fellow gamers I come to you in the most dire of times. We are at the crossroads of a gaming revolution and I need your help. Some say free market gaming is dead, that the power to publish and develop quality titles lies in the hands of big name publishers and console developers. But I am here to tell you that there is hope among us, but that hope is quickly dying off. As you know I have been running on a platform that is by the gamers, and for the gamers. I will not lie that we face down terrible foes but with each others help and mere $950,000 we can take back the games industry from those who would rather have us under their boot than at their table. I speak of course about the oligarchy of Xbox Clinton, PC Trump and Playstation Cruz. 

For far too long we have been subject to their decisions of who gets what and when and for what price. If elected Console President I will make sure that the market cannot be soiled by greedy hands being put in the pot. I will do this not by taking donations and backing from corporate lobbying scum, but from you the gamers. With your backing we will be able to create a console that will be completely DRM free and able to be modded by anyone. A truly free market console. We may not have many games to start but through large scale taxation of the very evil that has put us under the heel of major money corporations we will be able to secure publishing rights for their games as well as a multitude of indie games.

I don't want to sound tragic but our window for this revolution is closing. Console Primaries are coming to an end and I won't lie but we are behind and the door is closing. So to raise awareness of our cause and get corporate controlled media talking about us we will be demonstrating at the very events that our enemies are hosting. Together we will march through the rallies of Playstation Cruz, Xbox Hillary, PC Trump and even the outlier Nintendo Kasich. Together we can take back gaming!

In Solidarity

Ouya Sanders

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