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So Many Games, So Little Money...

E3, how I hate thee. You come once a year to lure my wallet closer to the TV screen and then empty it on all the games it wants to buy. But then again, I can't blame it for all the games it picks, can I? Let's go down the list of games that my wallet wants to help find it's way into my home.

I'm a stickler for Mega Man games. And even though I already have the Japanese version of Mega Man Star Force: Pegasus, I would like to see what the game looks like in English. And the fact that there's 3 versions (Leo, Pegasus, and Dragon) coming out makes my life easier.

Mega Man ZX: Advent-
Again, stickler for Mega Man games. The first ZX was great. Now you play as a future Axl. Well Axl may not have been my first choice as a hero, but it's Mega Man.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl-
Again, I'm done. There's no explanation needed.

Guitar Hero III-
Yay for Guitar Hero. Maybe this time they'll remember to keep up with the downloadable content. Guitar Hero is great, and finally able to show off to my friend Carl that I am the true master (between him and me of course) at Sweet Child O' Mine is nice too.

Mario Kart (Wii)-
What's this? A new Mario Kart? Sign me up. Mario Kart has always shown that racing games can be fun when you throw turtle shells at your opponent. If only you could use those weapons in real life.

Rayman Raving Rabbids 2-
Okay, do you see all the Rabbids above in my picture? Seriously, do you? If they weren't a clue I can't wait I don't know what is.

What? No Halo 3? No Assassins Creed? Trust me, I may like those games, but that's not on my high list. Nor is the mysterious Wii Blaster game (but when I find details of it, it might). Besides, there's still games I wish they would make, like Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. How about you? Are you feeling the weight of your wallet wanting all these different games?
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