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Call for site requests - whatchu want next?


While Destructoid is navigating it's new spam war (one guy even posted a banner ad as a photo comment today!) we're also going through some new scale issues. People seem to be visiting more pages per session, especially around 9am, and our UK readership has grown significantly in the last six months, so we're trying to improve performance as a priority. It's weird because mid-day the server's humming like it can't be phased and then an hour later 1000 people try to walk through our double doors at once and nobody can get through. We're continuing to look into it.

Scale's no fun though - we're ready to build other stuff.  Help us figure out where to go from here: what features (software or editorial) do you wish Destructoid did/had?  What do you think the average Dtoid would enjoy using the most?

One request I've been hearing more and more is a more advanced comments system, which is a tall order.  Disqus provides a lot of slick functionality off-site at no cost to us (because they serve their own ads in their widget) but I can't do cool stuff like highlighting who is a patron member, or put a convenient comment tracking button that's fast on the header, or send you a cohesive digest summary of your conversation.  They do all that on their end and they support multiple sites that you probably frequent. Is it broke? Do we fix it?  Let's discuss Disqus.

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