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Friday Night Fights: Take This Job And Shove It Edition


Okay, we're really sorry about the lateness of the weekly blog. Everyone contributing to the FNF blog seems to be going through some IRL job related drama and it just got away from us. It also makes planning a special event we're trying to organize extra hard. Mea culpa. You can kick Mike/Phil in the balls as much as you like as recompense. He totally gave me permission to say that. Normal services will resume next week.

I've dipped my toe into Kickstarter for the first time over the last couple of months and I think I've already had the entirety of the "Kickstarter Experience" in the two board game projects I backed. First was XenoShyft: Dreadmire, a standalone sequel to XenoShyft: Onslaught, which is a deck-building base defense game with a more stylized, violent Starship Troopers vibe. Onslaught was pretty great (there's a mobile app version if you're curious) and it was being run by an established company, so I happily plunked down my dough. It ended up doing more than 10 times it's initial amount and all stretch goals were unlocked. Kickstarter backers are going to get a beast of a box.

I was feeling lucky so I decided to try backing a game called Mythos Tales which is a sort of detective game solving Lovecraftian mysteries. It's kind of a one night game of Call Of Cthulhu RPG minus the dice and stats. Sounded interesting. The stretch goals weren't great but there was a promise of extra mysteries if we met the goals... and we did. A ninth mystery was unlocked early and, after the last listed stretch goal and only a few days left to go, the creators announced that we'd unlock a tenth mystery at $100,000... but only if we upped our original pledges by ten bucks. Now, XenoShyft had plenty of paid add-on's, but they were all optional. This was content for the main game that they were gating from their audience unless they paid more than originally intended.

People were understandably upset. They pledged expecting one thing and the creators tried a sketchy last minute gambit to try and push the numbers. Well, it backfired and they axed the 10th mystery. The irony being, by the end of the campaign, they had made it over the $100K mark. Yet, instead of reinstating the 10th mystery stretch goal, they left it out entirely. It was an entirely arbitrary fake out that caused needless anger amongst the backers. On top of everything else, they're now apparently taking pre-orders on their website for what was supposed to be a Kickstarter exclusive hardback version. I'll take a wild guess that they overestimated the interest in the product and have overstock to get rid of.

So, yeah, clearly there are a couple of different ways to run a Kickstarter campaign. One is transparent and well-organized with open communication... then there's the other way. I've heard Kickstarter horror stories before but I wasn't expecting to bat one for two. Lessons very much learned.

Anyway, video games!
-The Defenestrator

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