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target cuts ps3 price. most places have it at 499 already. UPDATED

target is jumping the price slash on bs3 band wagon, and with sony swearing price cut is not on the way i'm left assuming something. with the talks of the ps3 with bigger hard drives maybe at E3 they are announcing that they are switching back to the two teired model system they once had and they are bumping the 60 gig down and entering another one at the 599 price point. makes sease since sony swears there is no price cut and there have been rumors of bigger hard drives in ps3. whadda you guys think?

heres a link with more info on it and updates that stores are doing it. i like the circuit city manager that called to make sure it wasn't a computer error

theres also gonna be a bunch of psn downloads from e3 avaliable like most videos and other fun stuffs.
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