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Waifu wars: the first lady of fighting games


Chun-li has had an interesting history which piques my interest in terms of waifu choice. Street Fighter is after all celebrating its 25th anniversary, and Chun-li has been around a long time to slowly evolve into my choice for this month's bloggers wanted. But to foreshadow a bit, what better choice in waifu wars then the first lady of fighting games, one of the first female characters in video games ever? The one who set the long running cliche of female characters who excel in speed and agility over brute strength and endurance?

Chun-li's characterization is rather simple. She's a cop. Whether she's a simple policewoman or a member of Interpol, she's the lawful good type who abides by the law and enforces justice, whether it's the law of the land or her own personal code. Her secondary characterization is an intense hatred of M. Bison, who killed her father, which leads to the predictable revenge motivation.

Other then he personality and motivations, not very many people need a refresher in what physically defines Chun-li. Her signature move is as well known as her silhouette and archetype: the lightning leg or the hyakuretsukyaku. With Chun-li's world famous legs, she kicks her opponent over and over. Chun-li is also well known for the spinning bird kick, where she turns completely upside down to deliver a series of helicopter kicks, though it has been left out of several games Chun-li has appeared in while the hyakuretsukyaku has remained a constant no matter what game she's been in.

The most interesting thing to me about Chun-li is just how much she's changed over the years and gained an elegant flair to her stance and fighting style. Look at her in Street Fighter II and she has a pretty rigid stance, facing forward with with her arms faced in a common combat stance. Her charm point at this point was pretty much her battle modified qipao and leaves her legs free to kick or be oogled.

Things were changed considerably in Street Fighter Alpha, which takes place before the events of the standard Street Fighter timeline. Ken's hair was long and tied with a red band, Ryu still wore a white headband as Ken hadn't given him his trademark red headband in a sign of friendship, Sagat was still a lieutenant of Shadaloo, Nash was still alive as Guile's supervising officer, and Chun-li's choice of battle dress was a blue leotard complete with athletic sneakers; a far cry from her signature qipao and her slick white combat boots. She's recently taken to some elegant dresses since Street Fighter IV which is more revealing to her cleavage as well as her legs. This costume is worth mentioning as it returns to SFV but she also finally shows off a proper police woman uniform in SFV as well.

The obvious evolution of Chun-li's martial arts and elegant stance is from moving on from Street Fighter II to about Street Fighter III (keeping in mind that Chun-li's progressed through Alpha, EX, and a few Versus games). As she's progressed from her first appearance to her latest appearance, her neutral stance becomes more limber and light on its toes. In SFII, Chun-li is pretty rigid and only moves as she breathes. In SFIII, she bounces on her feet to stay light on her toes and react. Speaking of her feet, she's also gone from a flat stance to lifting her forward feet onto its toes for the aforementioned lightness and reactions. You can especially see it in her crouching stance, where it started as a simple knee crouch to a full on cross legged crouch where she keeps her hands outstretched for balance.

She's also gained red eyeliner since her depiction in SFIV, which certainly gives her a cool edge in aesthetic beauty.

Chun-li's win poses are well known too, which are either bubbly cute to remind you she's a woman at heart or stern and disciplined, which I find both cute and attractive. Chun-li's probably responsible for two ongoing Japanese mannerisms most people vaguely connected to Japanese linguistics probably recognize, which is weird considering she's Chinese: her bubbly celebration where she goes, "Yatta!" and her corny apology with a small chop of her hand, "Gomen ne?"

But her intensely disciplined side is also attractive as well. Strength and confidence is sexy, like when she finishes a match in SFIII doing a few more kung fu katas or when she enters a post-battle meditative stance from an intense fight.

Chun-li is a strong package as a waifu. She has great charm points to latch onto physically like her cute hairbuns, her long (sexy) legs, her strong mind and disciplined skills, and her feminine wiles at the core of her personality.

- Show me your moves

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