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Waifu Wars: Tereenya


Behold the wonder that is Tereenya

After seeing you all fight over your laughably inferior waifus I thought it time to enlighten you and benevolently point out the superior waifu, Tereenya. 

What do you mean you've never heard of her? Plebeian! Uncultured Swine! Just look at her majesty:

What do you mean that looks different than first picture I showed you? It's the same girl.

What? That one looks different than the other two and now you think that I might have just made her up? Never have I been more outra... Oh... wait. I did make her up. Let me explain.

Those of you who are as obsessed with Dungeon Crawling RPGs as I am might have recognized that pretty much all of those pictures come from the Etrian Odyssey series. In Etrian Odyssey, you can create your party from scratch and choose a portrait and class for each character. It doesn't have the deepest customization, but it's still pretty good at letting you control who and what you take with you into the Labyrinth. 

Every time I play Etrian Odyssey I come up with a story for my characters as the games are mostly designed to let you do just that. Every time I play I make the main character a girl and name her Tereenya (don't ask where the name comes from, I have no idea). Tereenya is always a front line fighter (so a Landsknecht, Protector, Princess, ect) and whatever story I'm telling revolves around her. Then, as I make the other characters, I will add myself, always as the games equivalent of a mage (Alchemist, War Magus, Gunner). Sometimes these characters will have a past, sometimes they will meet in the city that the game takes place in, but they always end up together by the end. Obviously, she's my waifu, of course I would do something like that. Tereenya is tailor made to be the best waifu I could hope for, which means that she is the best waifu, your argument is invalid.

So don't even try to tell me that my waifu is fecal matter, because you're wrong. Even if your opinion dictates that she is below your waifu, a completely incorrect opinion mind you, it matters little to me, because she is mine and mine alone, for she resides fully in my head and in the stories I tell myself.

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