Holy Fuck why am I so addicted to...?

                                          Ein Typing

There are some things that many of us wouldn't know about ourselves if it wasn't for the internet.  Browse on the information superhighway and you'll find things that you usually can't un-see....and if you're lucky they can give you a raging boner, if you're unlucky then you end up sleeping in the fetal position crying yourself to sleep. As many people I have the usual addictions online, and those are no biggie.  I've listed them below and am aware I have a problem.

* Sleeping
*Schoolgirl Uniform Porn
*Feet licking and toe sucking
*Face sitting Hentai
*Full bodied voluptuous hentai
*Worrying about my hairline
*POV Hentai
*Asian Pear Sake

That problem being I can't stick my dick into this: (Thanks for the Fap Fuel, Kyle MacGregor)

But the Addiction that I came here to out myself on is this one:
Upvoting the fuck out of everything.

Do you see the blue numbers we're all familiar with?  Sometimes I will spend more time reading through the comments than I care to admit. I usually find many of the comments funny, or interesting and next thing you know I'm clicking up on them as if my finger is getting off on that hot clicky action.

mmhhm mmhmmhm

So is anyone else addicted to clicking their mouse.....in the comments sections?

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