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Friday Night Fights: War Never Changes Edition


Katya has been a broken mess ever since Marko came back from scavenging with bandages for his wounded comrades... and the news that he beat a man to death in front of his screaming wife in order to get them. He hadn't wanted it to go down that way, God knows, but he got caught breaking into a house in more upscale neighborhood and had no avenue of escape. He bludgeoned the man blocking his path with a shovel until he stopped moving. On the way out, with nothing else left to lose, he found the bandages he so badly needed and a little bit of food to keep them going. The newly widowed wife was still wailing as he ran off.

Marko almost seemed like a lost cause himself. It was only after talking with Bruno, the ailing cook, and Pavel, that he was able to get up. He had saved his friends. They had been wounded fending off bandits themselves. Without Marko's scavenging skills, they'd have died a slow, painful death. One life for two. Cold math, but it worked. The moonshine helped.

Katya, however, hadn't left the basement. She was wounded herself, starving and depressed, but there seemed to be no shaking her out of it. This wasn't life. It was barely survival... and with winter starting and no end in site for the war, she seemed content to waste away.

Marko, clearly shaken, rested as best he could and went out for another supply run. His friends were counting on him. Karma insisted on calling in it's debt, though, and he caught a bullet in the back fleeing from another group of armed scavengers. He made it back to the safehouse, gravely wounded. Pavel and Bruno were still on the mend, staying up nights to guard against potential looters, and their best source of supplies was going to die if they didn't get serious help. Even if he lived, he wouldn't be scavenging anytime soon. Katya was still catatonic in the basement. For the first time in the three weeks since the war had started, they looked around and could find no hope.

So I saved my game and went off to shoot teenage boys with exploding arrows in Call Of Duty.

This War Of Mine: The Little Ones is the exact kind of grueling emotional rollercoaster I had been hoping for. (The same one I'm looking forward to when Darkest Dungeon hits consoles.) During the day, you're trying to eke out a living in a war torn Eastern European country while managing the psychological health of people in an extreme situation. At night, you're creeping through areas scavenging what you can and trying to avoid armed looters and homeowners. There's no prize for playing nice. You just starve to death. It's up to you how much you want to compromise in order to survive. Lest you have any dreams of wantonly pillaging your way through the Apocalypse, your avatars are just normal joes, not anti-social mass murderers. Push them too hard and they break down. It makes for a fascinating balancing act. Well worth the wait to get it on the PS4.

In the meantime, games! I'm waist deep in mandatory overtime so I've not been hosting much since I need to get up early Saturday for more work. I may try to get something going in the open beta for The Division and I'm definitely going to be hosting Plants vs. Zombies 2 when it arrives. We're also planning something special soon. Stay tuned. I hope you guys will join in because it will be awesome.

-The Defenestrator

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