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Coping with the Death of a Friend: Day 15

It has been 15 days since that red crescent of destruction decided to cut down my 360 in its prime; I do believe the lunacy is startin' to set in. Damn it all. I guess that's what happens when my sober nights end without shooting some virtual mother fucker in the head with some sort of cliched weapon.

Now when I don't get to waste my time with games, I tend to waste it worrying about inconsequential things, like comparing my gamerscore to my friends' via the xbox website. I noticed something that just doesn't sit well with me. I recently spent some time with the god awful piece of garbage known as the Phantasy Star Universe single player, and I missed a literally un-missable achievement, and I will never play that travesty through again for only 100 points. I don't know wether to be proud of the fact that I pulled off the impossible, or upset over the fact that I lost out on 100 easy points. Either way; shit's crazy.

Onto more pressing matters; my Xbox was recieved by the repair center 10 days ago; somehow an extra day was added onto my 3 day shipping. I suppose that Texas is excrutiatingly far from California... wait a minute... nope, that has to be right. Anyways, Microsoft claims that the total turn-around time for a console repair is less than 2 weeks, but I honestly don't know what to expect. To those of you who lost on xbox, how long did you actually end up waiting? And is my console just gonna crap out on me again as soon as I get it back?

Also; a quick question: DiRT or The Darkness? I'm a fan of both genres, and I was wondering which has more value. Perhaps neither warrant a purchase, I have no idea. I was just curious about your experiences with said titles.
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