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One Punch Man X Mario Maker! Be the strongest plumber!


After busting my back constructing MEGAfied, my Mega Man 1 remake in Super Mario Maker, I took an extended break from level building. But recently, I got around to watching a little show called One Punch Man, and it got my creative juices flowing once more!

One Punch Mario is by far my most elaborate and ambitious level yet, and I'm extremely proud of the results.

I've done my best to capture the spirit of the show and really make you feel like Saitama. That means before you can explode bodies with your fists, you have to undergo strict training. You remember the routine, right?


Now, I'm not going to make you perform 100 reps of an exercise, so I whittled the number down to just 10. And since you can't perform actual push-ups, sit-ups, and squats in-game, I substituted exercises that target similar muscle groups.

First, work your upper body on the ropes!

Second, crunch those abs with a unique treadmill workout!

Third, build those quads on the note blocks!

After completing a full set, you are given the option to redo all three exercises. Completing 10 sets will net you 100 reps per exercise, just like the real Saitama. Do you have the guts to attempt the total routine?

Oh, and don't forget the 10 KM run!

Complete your workout to gain DA POWAA!

The real Saitama worked his ass off for three years, fighting through pain and exhaustion in order to become the strongest hero in the world. Training is no joke!

I realize that not everyone will be able to stomach the strict routine I've lined up, and those people may give up before getting to the fun stuff. Thankfully, you can take a shortcut! Right at the start, you can ride an elevator that leads to a warp pipe that drops you halfway through the level. Don't worry! I won't tell anyone you aren't a real hero!

You can do it! Be the strongest plumber! CE4B-0000-01B7-3FF4

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