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Waifu Wars: Beatrix


In Final Fantasy 9, Beatrix is the commander of the Knights of Pluto, one half of the knights protecting the kingdom of Alexandria.  Her knights are all female and are super diligent.  By contrast, Steiner commands the other knights, who frequently fall asleep.  Steiner joins your party early and Beatrix, working for the kingdom pursuing you, is running you down until things change later in the game.  You fight Beatrix twice, and each time you lose.  She's an unbeatable boss.  That's because she's an unbeatable boss.

Check out this motherfucking cosplay!  I searched for images and just went and cheated instead.

There are so many reasons I still remember Beatrix when the topic of waifus shows up.  As time goes on, I actually identify more and more with Beatrix. It probably comes from being a total badass.  But I liked Beatrix right away.  Her disciplined soldiers reflected somebody admirable in charge.  Even if she was going to be some evil empire's thug, she prosecuted her life with excellence.  It made Steiner look like a friggin' asshole.  I actually liked him less because of Beatrix.  But only because I didn't really think Steiner would have much of an arc.  But eventually, she and Steiner have to hold down Alexandria against waves of enemies and each sees what the other is made of.  Those two have the best love story in the game.

As for beauty, the biggest thing in the minus column is if you have a problem with FF9's proportions or women with gigantic hands.  I look forward to hearing other people's pros and cons for gigantic hands.  On the plus side, you've got that cool-as-hell visor, flowing hair, pantyhose and armor, and yes, an amazing sword (Save the Queen).

Beatrix is FF9's intimidating warrior and one of its strongest women.  She is a fierce paragon of excellence and yes, better than Garnet.  Let's do this.

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