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welcome to a new age of computer boxes.


grrr baby, verrry grrrr.....

as of yesterday i switched to the dark side, or switched from the dark side to the light? after many a years of toiling with microsoft, reinstalling os's due to fatal crashes, the drivers the drivers the drivers, etc. as of yesterday i entered the world of computing that "just works" by getting me a mac, and i must say as of now i'm not going to miss windows all to much.

having been used to computers that were the cheapest base models back in 02-03 when xp was but a mere baby in the computer market the jump in hardware impresses me almost as much as software. the difference between usb 1.1 and 2 is mind blowing, pulling all the music off my ipod went from almost a full days work was merely a few hours. a nice bright wide screen lcd 13.3" as compared to my "technology advanced" gateway2000 15" moniter scraped from the trash at my dads old job is quite nice, while i lost screen size i gained much happiness. the most advanced computer i've had in the past 5 years or so is a 1800+ amd processer 60 gig hard drive with 256 megs of ram and a 40x cd rw via eMachines, so a 2.16gz intel core2duo processer with 1 gig of ram and 120 gig hard drive with super drive is enough to make me cream my pant. yep there it goes, pant changin time. plus having webcam and mic now works out nicely too.

the software i'm impressed with as much as the hardware. even had i not spent hours on end learning mac at compusa before they closed it would have been a smooth transition. initial set up was a breeze, just a few minor lil questions and good to go i'd say not even half an hour and i was operational, as opposed to microsoft who takes close to an hour and needs to know everything short of your family tree, then you gotta register it to make sure its a legit copy. another amazing thing was not having to spend the next few hours removing wothless software, adding all sorts of software to stop virsus and popups and spyware, then updating windows so you lose some threat of hackers etc. the only worthless software i had to get rid of was the microsoft office trial, other than that it was install firefox and good to go. installing software is also a breeze on the mac you don't even need to install if you don't want, just mount the image and either install it by dragging it where you want it or run it. thats it. the dock is quite a nice feature as well, having all the programs your most likely to use right at the bottom of the screen waiting for you to click it is much nicer than going through start screens or minimizing everything to get to that desktop shortcut.

all in all, after spending 24 hours with my new mac, i am just left to wonder why windows is the more popular other than its sometimes cheaper and the whole gaming thing. before buying it i went to dell and built a laptop with a slightly bigger screen and slightly smaller system specs for afew hundred more than the macbook. i'm glad i made the switch, no moar sucking on bill gates teet for me.
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