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iPhone gaming? ("What have you done for me lately" Edition)


This little thing called the iPhone comes out this Friday...I think I'll go buy o...oh right I live in Canada. Only available in the US this Friday, the iPhone comes with very high expectations. One of my expectations, whenever I can actual buy one here, is obviously gaming. Will 3rd party developers be allowed to make games for the platform? Will Apple make their own games? It is anyone's bet really.

Since it is a touch sensitive platform, I would just love to see games from the DS ported over to the iPhone. With the online capabilities of the iPhone, it would also lend itself to amazing online game experiences. I can't wait to see the first MMO on the iPhone! Also, since it does have GPS-like mapping abilities, we might even see some neat location based games, or scavenger hunts.

What gaming experience are you looking for in the iPhone? assuming you can A. Get your hands on one, or B. Want one at all

[UPDATE] I managed to find this article, which does cover some games being developed for the iPhone. Still, much of it seems to be speculation. "But there's a healthy base of developers out there who'd like to make iPhone games too, so it remains to be seen if Apple will let them into its ecosystem." -pocketgamer.co.uk
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