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KF004 Moontoid - Write Or Cry


Hey Hey Hey Toiders.

It’s your boy, your friend, your comrade: Kwamouflage just trying to commit to the promise I made to you so, so long ago: the promise of writing frequently and as best quality as I can muster at the given time.

So here it is.

This is a segment I’m attempting to (for lack of a better word) ”jumpstart” the year. The concept is simple: I write in a small timeframe with very little forethought given in order to put out a stream of consciousness that will prevent my critical brain from proof reading every single word.

That’s write-ER-right! I want my perfectionism that has been crippling me for so long to be put at bay so I’m writing this to you right now.

What you are reading is pure unadulterated Kwamouflage. No phones no distractions, no games, no nothin’!

This is it. So let’s talk.

We had a really honest heart-to-heart in my previous blog.

I told you some deep dark things about myself and I hope that hasn’t scared you away.

I want you to know that I am changing, as a person, as a writer, and as a game enthusiast. I’m allowing myself good things to play. That is to say I let myself buy more current game consoles. Up until last month I only had a PS2, an android phone, and an Ouya console to my name.

Years ago, when I originally played Zenonia and talked about it in my short-lived blog “Zentoid,” I only had an iphone. Shortly after that I got addicted to minecraft and played the apple port “minecraft: pocket edition,” on the same iphone. Later on I would play it on my really cruddy windows vista pc which eventually had a hard drive failure.

This was the extent of my “current gen” gaming experience from 2009-2013, when I finally had access to a decent pc via relatives and played fell in LOVE with Saints Row 3, as presented to you in my Saints Row 3 blog.

But enough about the past! The past is gone! Can’t relive in it! I know the question burning in your SOUL.


What am I CURRENTLY playing?

…..aaaand I think that is where we will leave it for today.

What?! Oh come on! I have to leave you a LITTLE curious. Mystery is necessary to get certain people to come back otherwise if I just give you ALL my goodeeez how will I EVER get you to BUY THE COW?


My time limit is running out (did I mention I had a time limit? It’s about 30 minutes).

I have high ambitions that I hope to live up to but that will have to wait....

Until next time. 
Keep toiding Toiders.

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