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How's things?

It's admittedly been a while since I blogged around here (or posted in general). Some of you may remember my last blog post from last August, but I'm not going to really dwell on that because I said what I needed to say and that's quite frankly in the past and I'm over it. Is this a "I'm back" blog? Eh, I don't know. I just felt like giving everyone a hello and giving people an update on what I've been up to during my hiatus.

Giant "I'm about to be a big downer" warning.

Quite honestly the remainder of my 2015 after my previous blog was basically a collective punch to the emotional gut - which is probably why it took me so long to even post or blog around here again. In September my parents and I finally made the tough decision to put our family dog down. He was about 14 years old and we knew it was time (he was having a lot of difficulty going up and down stairs, and lost about 20 pounds in two months), but knowing it was inevitable didn't really make it any better. My parents and I were all with him when we put him down and he, quite literally, died in my arms. Despite being a fairly matured and "adult" (I use the term loosely) 29 year old at the time I was in no way prepared for that experience - it was literally the first time I had watched anything I cared about die in front of me. So I was an emotional wreck from that, in fact I'm tearing up just typing it up. Unfortunately, things didn't exactly get much better for me.

About a month later my father and I did our yearly bird hunting weekend with a few of our other relatives. While it was definitely a fun time, both of us were somber because we were missing the dog (he was our hunting dog, as well). The upside to the entire weekend was that I talked to my dad a little bit about proposing to my long-time girlfriend, and basically said that when we get home I was going to buy her engagement ring that week. So between that and the sadness of missing the dog, I just wanted to go home and give my girlfriend a big hug... When I got home from the hunting trip my girlfriend was gone and I found out through my best friend that she was breaking up with me. Four and a half years gone, just like that, completely out of the blue and with no warning that she was upset or felt things were wrong in our relationship. I got one text from her saying "I'm safe, I'm fine" and then three days later she came back to our apartment to tell me she was ending our relationship - never even gave an effort to try to fix things, just decided it was over and left.

She then proceeded to move in with someone who I thought was my close friend (or at least knew better than to get involved with a close friends ex). She insisted there was nothing going on between them but the thought in my head and the expression on my face were probably something along the lines of this.

About 2 months later at a New Years party they were basically cuddling and cozy with each other the entire time, right in front of me. Yeah.

After she broke up with me and moved out of our apartment, the first thing I did was find a new (better) apartment for myself to live in because I think I would have legitimately gone insane if I stayed in "our" old place. You know that scene in RoboCop where Robo walks into his family's old house and sees ghosts of the past all over the place? Yeah, that's what I was experiencing as a result of my now-ex girlfriend leaving out of the clear blue like that. Hey, the upside is my new apartment kicks ass.

The day before Christmas, a close friend of my family passed away after a long battle with cancer. I personally hadn't seen him much in the last year or two, but it was still a super hard funeral for me to get through (I had known him since I was about 7 or 8). It was the first time I'd ever really seen that person without a smile on his face. Funerals suck and I think I've become emotionally softer as I've matured. 

Oh, and I turned 30. I officially dropped the "young adult" label and now I'm just an adult. I know, blah blah, I'm still young and have a lot of years ahead of me, blah blah. I personally don't feel like I'm in my 30's now (I still play video games constantly, watch Godzilla movies, and watch NXT), but seeing that first digit in your age change for the first time in a while makes you stop and reflect about where the last 10 years of your life went. And personally, it feels like years 20-30 went by a lot faster than 10-20.

So it goes without saying that I was eager as fuck for the calendar to turn over to 2016 and kind of give things a "fresh start". And honestly, things have gotten better. My ex dumping me has ended up being an emotionally liberating experience as well as one that I think may have actually bettered my life. I've rediscovered "me" again and realized how much I kind of drifted away from being myself over the last few years, and I'm comfortable being myself and being totally independent again. Coming home from work and saying "I'm going to eat pizza, play a video game, drink a beer, and nobody can tell me not to" is fucking glorious. Being single again has also freed me up financially quite a bit as well (...lets just say I carried the financial load a ton during my relationship). If you're someone who recently broke up with someone or was dumped, let me stress to you that shit indeed will get better and you'll realize you're better off this way. I still get a bit upset thinking about how my ex dumped me and the aftermath of it (who the fuck wouldn't) but looking at the big picture I'm way better off now.

Anyways, video games and other shit!

Super Mario Maker and Bloodborne were collectively my favorite two games of 2015. I wasn't posting here when Mario Maker came out, but I just want to say that holy fuck that game is fantastic. As of right now, the only issues I really have with the game are the lack of any kind of "world map" maker and that 90% of Mario fans apparently have no concept of building good levels. Other than that, the game is a solid A+. Oh, speaking of Bloodborne, the Bloodborne DLC is fucking glorious. Fuck those giant land-shark guys. You know the ones I'm talking about. I'm looking forward to Dark Souls 3, but sad there's no new stuff in Bloodborne to play anymore because after extended time with Bloodborne it's my favorite of the "Soulsborne" series.

During my hiatus I also grabbed Mad Max on my PS4 and I actually loved it quite a bit. The game itself is basically built on a ton of familiar shit you see from other games like AssCreed and the Arkham games, but it's somehow more fun than you'd expect and it has some dare-I-say Burnout like features to it.

Getting away from video games a bit, I started watching some more shit on Hulu and Netflix. I've been binge-watching Seinfeld for a bit now since I didn't really get to watch it when it aired. Seinfeld doesn't have too many moments that straight up make me laugh out loud, but after every episode is done I tend to smile and think "that was damn funny". I watched season 1 of both Daredevil and The Flash as well. Daredevil is perfect for what it needs to be, and Murdock showing up in the proper costume in the final episode of the season was perfect. The Flash, meanwhile, is the best superhero show on television. I love The Flash because it's not afraid to go totally balls to the wall and doesn't shy away from some of the more comic-booky angles of the character what so ever. Season 1 introduces the Speed Force and fucking time travel, which I wouldn't expect from any kind of "origin" season especially when it takes place in the same universe as Arrow. Oh, and The Flash has Mark Hamill basically playing a live action version of The Joker.

Hey, speaking of Mark Hamill, did you guys hear a new Star Wars movie came out last month? (There's a ton of sarcasm there, by the way). Without going into a long review, Force Awakens was basically everything I wanted the movie to be. It felt like a Star Wars movie and I walked out pretty emotionally satisfied. Does it mirror A New Hope a bit? Yeah, but honestly the parallels are pretty surface level and it still adds some of its own stuff to the franchise and ultimately has characters that are actually interesting and fun. The Phantom Menace paralleled A New Hope even more so than Force Awakens did and ultimately added near nothing, so basically Force Awakens managed to do what the prequels should have done.

Continuing the movie talk, Star Wars is my #2 movie of the year. The reason it's not #1 is because Mad Max Fury Road happened this year. If you haven't seen Fury Road yet...

Seriously, Fury Road is the best action movie since The Matrix - maybe even since Terminator 2.

Anyways, I've been writing this entire blog purely off of whatever pops up in my head and I'm running out of shit to talk about. I'm glad I got to write a blog finally, get a few things off of my chest (half of you probably don't give a shit, but it's a bit of a cathartic experience), and talk about a few things that are awesome.

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