Gamestop Closing all of its stores in Puerto Rico this Spring.


It has been reported that by the end of March 2016, Lamestop will be closing all 35 of its stores in the island. Puerto Rico has already had its share of problems, from corrupt politicians to rampant crime.  Due to all the governmental mismanagement the island has been bankrupt for a while and with increasing taxes, many companies may choose to leave Puerto Rico.  Sadly for the population, there won't be many options since Amazon doesn't quite deliver many things to the island either. Growing up and going to college there, gamestop helped me feed my gaming addiction ever since I bought Pokemon Silver, back in 2000. While their deals aren't great, many gamers in the island's 3.4 million population will feel the hurt, not to mention all the employees soon to be out of a job.

On a bright note, at least people won't keep getting ripped off for trade ins.

It's almost 2 am, why am I still writing?  Probably because no one is really talking about this.

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