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I just got married: Yet another 10 things about Strider


It's been a long time since Dtoid last saw one of these babies. In fact, it's been more than a year since I last did a 10 things when it last revived. It may be a bit presumptious of me but hopefully we can get the ball rolling again and see the New Age of Heroes share a bit more about themselves.

So in case you don't know, here are ten new things about me, following up from the previous 10 things about me, and the previous 10 things before that. I wasn't a cblog manager before, so that'll be interesting. Also, that doesn't count as one of my 10 things.

1. My marriage to my wife marks nine years together
Relationships aren't a hard science. I've heard of people get married after two years and have talked to co-workers who haven't married after 15 years. So I hit a moderate stride with my wife at nine years: not quite short like under five but not quite an eternity like waiting 10 years.

A big part of the wait was that we didn't even remotely live near each other for the better part of five years. We were feeling antsy, especially with our generation's Facebook having marriages right and left, but I argued how could I be someone's husband if I don't live in the same zip code as them. Our relationship started in college, survived a move back to our parents' places after graduation, teaching abroad, and stable job searches afterward, but we made it just shy of the big 1-0.

2. I'm an evangelist when it comes to character-action games
Character-action is a stupid weird genre. What is character-action? What makes it different from just regular action? Is game X a character-action game? 80% of the time, it's not, but it's hard to define character-action when it's a nebulous term that most people don't even know is a term and isn't a 100% adopted term.

But when it comes to character-action games, you're either an outsider who doesn't understand the terminology or you're a die-hard fan who evangelize the genre. As far as I know, most character-action games have these traits in common: 1. performance based grading after an encounter, 2. progressive skill-unlock system and economy, 3. an emphasis on chaining combos together, especially linked by defensive or evasive options, and optionally 4. over-the-top presentation and set pieces.

PlatinumGames is an easy way to visualize character-action. Devil May Cry is widely considered the original character-action game. Is God of War character-action? Probably not.

3. The only Dtoider I've met face to face was Qalamari
One day, Qalamari, Oldtoider extraordinare, dropped a tweet about his impending trip to Disneyland. This was of course while I still worked there, so as a fellow Dtoider, I offered to check him in to save him a day's worth of admission. We decided to meet up to break the ice the day before and as a local, I recommended we meet at Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles. First, I hadn't been at this brand new branch yet since I'd been to the Long Beach location before. Second, who can say no to fried chicken, especially when paired with crispy waffles?

Qalamari marked our meeting with an NES copy of Strider in a snazzy plastic box, probably from when it was a rental store, and a wooden robot doll that bears an uncanny resemblance to Mr. Destructoid. The next day, I proudly acted as his personal tour guide, showing him all the smaller wonders of the park, including my own personal recommendation and tour of California Adventure, the much less thought of but obviously more modern and convenient sister to Disneyland proper. I mean, you can drink in DCA and the streets are wider to accomodate huge crowds.

4. I miss my job at Disneyland immensely
Dsineyland was my longest running job ever and I obviously left behind some nice perks and seniority back there. Honestly, I miss the stability and groove of working such a reliable yet unpredictable job. The thing I miss the most is the people I had built a rapport with. In my last year especially, I started working the stock team which is a small, tight knit team of people who support the entire store's network of DCA with product. The front team that handles cashiers and the like was large and rotates but working stock meant working with the same people and I built relationships and friendships.

I liked how everyone got to know me as the affable, unpredictable, quirky but hard working and reliable stock runner. My roll call desk supervisor would just enable me into funny situations and I had an interesting bond with a co-worker who was female but shared 99% of my name, being named Marcelle.

While I miss having a stable and dependable job in general, nothing will probably compare to working at Disney.

5. I want to drink but don't really want to
Over the past few months, I've been trying to see how well I do drinking alcohol, to mixed results. But it has nothing to do with tolerance really. I'm a big guy, so my body fat would stand to reason that I have a decent tolerance level. But I can't find my appeal or motivation. All my life I thought drinking would taste good but only recently I've come to the conclusion that you only really drink to get drunk because you're supposed to find it fun, which I don't think it really is?

I tried beer. I tried lots of beer. Mostly lighter ones like ales and IPAs, predictably because I'm new so I don't exactly want to throw my taste buds into the dark zone cold. But all beer is just hops and barley and just tasted the same to me (except one made with strawberry juice for some reason). I liked the drinks I had during my bachelor party but I can't exactly mix them for myself every occasion. I have had luck taking a liking to Coke & Rum though but all in all, I haven't really found much else outside that palatable to my tastes.

6. Curry is one of my favorite dishes
Ok, so fried chicken is what I usually list as my favorite food for security questions (oh no! Security breach!) but Indian food is pretty much scientifically the best food, with all its measured spices and carefully calculated tastes. Curry happens to be my favorite dish to cook, because I can cook it to nearly where I want it. But to get it to 100% of where I want it would demand more calories.

I like a lot of food as a gastrointestinal pirate. I know good pho because I'm Vietnamese, my wife's mom cooks the best carnitas, and some place's fried chicken is better than other. I like to cook fried rice and more, but when it comes to comfort food, food to eat when I just want to feel good, Indian curry is just where its at. My homemade curry is more along the lines of Thai curry, but that's ok. It's still comforting.

7. I sometimes clean compulsively
I'm not twist the doorknob three times before leaving the home neurotic but I have noticed since moving out that I have a compulsion to clean the kitchen. More than ever, I like to make the kitchen my personal zone because I feel like I have control over it at all times, unlike real life. I have control over the food that's cooking, the stuff I keep on the counter, and the dishes I wash in the sink. More than anything, I find washing the dishes to be my sort of cathartic release. A simple problem solved by simple effort, nothing more, nothing less.

This past Christmas, I found myself telling myfamily that in the absence of typical tech-based gifts, I'd love kitchen and kitchen organization related gifts.

8. Yes, I am love Undertale
But can you blame me? No, not only do I believe it is a narrative marvel for 2015, but it came during a time of uncertainty. I was stuck in a rut looking for jobs, stressing over expenses and my wedding, then along comes Undertale, the quirky pseudo-RPG with a cast of likable characters that lets you forget about the outside world. No matter how bad the monsters had it in the underground, they lived in relative peace. Yes, maybe a slow, suffocating death, but peaceful nonetheless.

The whole story is just so uplifting, heartwarming, and positive when you play for the true end. An obviously attractive thing for someone who was struggling with debt, bills, and doubt. Yes, here it comes again, but Undertale's core theme of determination had an obvious affect on me: you must stay determined.

That's why I always have a twinge of pure, unadulterated, black hate for people who bash Undertale for being some tumblr bait, SJW piece of crap. Go back to your AAA experiences, go back to your Call of Duty, go back to your life. I might be hyperbolic, but Undertale had a hand in getting me through the day when I felt grim about myself.

I still listen to every cover of ASGORE and Megalovania I can.

I figure I could take a bullet to shoot the crap with you about what I really like to read. A lot of the time, I guess community members just want to express themselves, I get it. You want to talk about the day's hot new opinion, editorial, or clickbait. But if you've ever wondered what it takes to get me to read a cblog and take you on a ride to the front page, well, here's some de-mystifying for you, because unless someone straight up recommends me something, I am a human being with biases towards what he likes to read and will promote. In fact, believe it or not Dreamweaver recommended ChrisHannard's cblog about videogame's sexy people, so there you go, DEMOCRACY.

Straight, two of my favorite examples of community members due to what they write is Virtua Kazama and Spielerdad. I've pretty much promoted more than 5 of Spielerdad's cblogs because they're always easy to read, funny, and humorous. Synonyms? Who cares. I have a lot of things for my eyeballs to gloss over in a day and I like it if I'm mildly entertained while doing it. Spielderdad is a good bet for something I'd find in my old college's Union Newspaper on the backside about the coolest hang out spots around campus. Virtua Kazama on the other hand, is just my kind of guy: a fighter. I may not grasp Virtua Fighter's finer points (or appeal) but anyone I can talk frame data and matchups with is basically the same species as me.

So we have humor and fighting games. What else? Personal stories are intrinsically interesting to me. I live in California, but you? Iran? Dominican Republic (Which reminds me...)? South America? How about how you relate to your daughter more thanks to D&D, or how a man comes to terms with his grandfather's dementia through Dark Souls'  own peculiar adventurer.

I mean, an interesting read could be anything out in this wild world really. But if you're wondering why won't you get any attention when you want to talk about inflammatory opinions and the flavor of the week outrage, don't be surprised at the revelation. You still have Mike Martin, Pixie, and Occams to appeal to at least.

10. I actually kind of hate San Francisco
The bay area is kind of refreshing. It's very embracing of technology and integration. Many tech startups have reached across the bay area to create all sorts of interesting and convenient opportunities like crowdsharing taxis, deliveries, and an endless selection of friendly and fun hot spots. And San Francisco itself isn't so bad in small, controlled doses. A few weeks ago, me and my then fiance took in Clemente str, with its diverse cafes, restaurants, bars, book stores, and hobby shops. Taking the Bart is a quaint and rather peaceful way to enjoy the day at one of the most bustling cities on the west coast. Maybe I'll make a day to return to Fisherman's Wharf.

But San Francisco is also a busy and unpredictable metropolitan area. Driving is an absolute no-no. Traffic is congested and even when it isn't the street plan is impossible to follow. There are one-way streets everywhere, the turn lanes are tight and unforgiving and will come out of nowhere when you navigating. Driving is an obvious danger but even walking around can be tedious with cars desperate to cover ground against the a street plan that actively hates them, a staggering percentage of homeless people, and a population density making it abundantly clear that you will eventually run into the dregs of society at one point or another. I once turned a corner and saw a man urinated in the corner, in the underground subway tunnels.

- Show me your moves

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