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Video Gaming Bits -- Dead or Alive 1 Ultimate


Video Gaming Bits is a Tumblr series where I talk about a single aspect or memory of a game randomly selected from my collection.

Publisher: Tecmo
Developer: Team Ninja
Genre: 3D Fighting Game
Platform: Xbox
NA Release Date: October 26, 2004

Early 3D graphics are often considered ugly. I think most would agree that they are inferior to 16 and 32-bit pixel art, but I do have a fondness for low polygon models. I love the simplicity of their designs.

However, resolution in 3D games is a problem. I can play them just fine, but I do feel like I’m losing something underneath the pixelation. Unless the camera is positioned directly in front of a model, it's hard to pick on what detail is there.

Dead or Alive 1 Ultimate on the Xbox is an initial case of an early 3D game getting a resolution bump on stronger hardware. The original’s visuals were designed around its hardware limitations, so it has basic character models that overcome the resolution challenge. Yet, the simplistic look still benefits the Xbox version. Everything comes off as clean, bright and colorful

Dead or Alive 1 Ultimate only runs at 480p. It isn’t perfect, but it’s an improvement over the original PlayStation and Sega Saturn releases. PC emulation is often the best solution for playing these games at a higher resolutions, but I’ve never liked unofficial emulation.

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