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Friday Night Fights: Proper Bearing Maintenance Edition


So I'm not going to lie, this blog is being done last minute or anything. Which is why I've decided to share with everyone my wisdom on proper skateboard bearing maintenance. Let's rock.

First you want to put on some good work music. It might take 20 minutes or it might take an hour, it really depends on how good you are. A good youtube half hour + music compilation video would do the trick, viacom be damned. Or maybe just throw on some itunes podcast. Like this one for instance!

Step 1: Remove the bearing. Straight forward you need to take your skate tool or monkey wrench and twist off that truck nut. Depending on how fucked up your trucks are this could be a matter of seconds or sacrificing a goat to the king of darkness, Hilary Clinton. Once your nut is off it's time for Step 2.

Step 2: Bearing stripping. Also depending on the condition of your equipment this could go either way. If you have some expensive tools you probably don't need to worry at all. If not you may want to get some one else to do this for you, unless you don't mind having your skin ripped off the palm of your hand (True story happened to me!). I recommend some gloves, for example those cotton ones with the tiny plastic balls. I generally walk away from a bearing cleaning with minimal skin damage since I started using those.

Step 3: Cleaning the bearings. Now I've done a ton of research on this subject and there really is no sure fire way. Some people use heavy chemicals, some people swear by consuela type citrus cleaners and I've even been told to spit in them. Just figure out which one is right for you and get it done this step is important ya dingus!

Step 4: Lubricatizing. Lubricant is an important element of life, and skateboarding is no exception. Once again there are several options here and they all come with pros and cons. For example oil based lubricants are more common, make the wheel spin faster but they need to be used more often, whereas a grease will do the trick and keep your bearings protected for longer, at the expense of the wheel turning faster than a dead or alive music video. So again dingus it's up to you. 

Step 5: Return the bearings to their place and write a cblog about it. This is it, you've done your bearing maintanence and it's ready to go back on the wheel and truck. Basically just work backwards though you also may want to take a second to clean and or lubricate your truck axel, washers and nuts as well. A lubricated nut is a happy nut. Now repeat this whole process 8 times and you're golden.

Oh and bring plenty of towels/paper towels and maybe even wear a mask. Also make sure to be careful handling your nuts, you wouldn't want to bust them.

By the way I have Blops now so FNF will get a little livelier around here. Rest of the post below. Go host something suckas.

-The Nanashiator

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