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Tap My Katamari Review: The best Katamari game since Touch My Katamari


Someone, somewhere at Bandai Namco looked at Cookie Clicker and said "You know, this is great and all, but you know what would make it better? Having it on mobile so keeping it running in the background is a no-go, and ads! More ads! Even more ads!".

Everyone probably thought he was joking, except by the time someone dared to ask him the game was already complete and shipped to the mobile marketplaces. They even managed to make the growth spurts unsatisfying in a Katamari game! I never thought this would be possible. Reaching the stated goal just switches the background.


+ No energy system restricting your "gameplay" so it's objectively better than Pokémon Shuffle/Nintendo Badge Arcade.
+ Background music fun to listen to for the first few minutes.


- It sucks.

Don't play it.

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