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Video Gaming Bits: The Legend of Zelda


Video Gaming Bits is a Tumblr series where I talk about a single aspect or memory of a game randomly selected from my collection.

Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo Research and Development 4
Genre: Isometric Action Adventure, Fantasy
Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System
JP Release Date: February 21, 1986

The original Legend of Zelda is one of those games that I started multiple times over the last decade, but would always fail to complete. It’s tough game and can be quite difficult to navigate, especially later on. I always tried beating it blind, but a couple years ago I broke down and used a strategy guide. There’s just too much hidden information and too many concealed items.

Puzzles like navigating The Lost Woods seem entirely random, although there are hints hidden around the world if you know where to look. I don’t know if I’d say it’s unfair, but I can’t spend all day burning every bush and bombing every wall for the sake of authenticity.

The winning jingle for the game is used in the opening for Game Center CX, a Japanese retro game TV show. I had no idea where the jingle was from when watching it, so I was a bit shocked to hear it at the end of Zelda. I could be wrong, but I don’t think that jingles been used anywhere else in the Zelda franchise. Strange, since most of the music from the original has become iconic.

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