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LinkSlayer64's 2015 Gaming Year in Review


Welcome to my 2015 Gaming Year in Review - A review of my 2015 Gaming year. Not even going to try to hide any bias, this is completely subjective.

2015 was a good year for gaming, was it not? I think many of us will agree it was an improvement over the previous year. Which is quite a coincidence, as 2015 was a slowly improving year for me, and 2014 was quite possibly the worst year of my entire life. So many terrible things happened that it broke me, damaged me, and has caused my personality to change significantly. Hoo-boy, it was the worst.

But I genuinely believe things started improving for me in the latter half of 2015. Something that I believe is not a coincidence is that I joined Destructoid on 06/16/2015 (hey, my one year anniversary is gonna be a cool arrangement of numbers!) Around that time I decided to join I feel I was picking up a few of the pieces, and I believe that was my reason for joining. I was finally ready to interact with others, and take part in a community of like-minded peers after isolating myself for quite a while. It has been fun, and I genuinely believe it has made me feel better. I also haven't engorged on it then just dropped it like I thought I would, like I often do, so it looks like I'll be here to stay. Doumo sumimasen - as you will be seeing plenty more of me.

With that aside, let us begin with the beginning of the year.

I don't really remember.

Yeah... I previously said in another blog I have a bad memory, and it is no more apparent than being unable to really tell you anything I did at specific times. I apologize profusely. Instead, I'm gonna highlight what I can remember using consoles as the baseline, throwing in impressions on related things if possible. Let's start with the earliest thing though:

I got a New 3DS! - But not just any, I got the Majora's Mask Limited Edition!

I did not own a 3DS previously. This was my first foray into it, and Majora's Mask was the tipping point. I got incredibly lucky on grabbing one online. It came with Majora's Mask 3D. The improved 3D of the New 3DS allowed me to play it entirely in 3D, and I ate up the gorgeously redesigned visuals of the game. I couldn't put it down!

Also with it was Code Name: S.T.E.A.M, a game which I thought I would like, but the tutorial was just moving too slowly for me (and this was after patches.) One day I hope to try to get into it again, but for now, I have not.

Lastly, it came with a download of A Link Between Worlds - I liked it, and enjoyed my time. The 2D mechanic really made it feel more puzzle-y, which is probably why I liked it, as I am also a fan of another puzzle heavy Zelda: Oracle of Ages.

On the subject of the 3DS, I picked up quite a few games, some used, some not. 

Sonic Generations which I found incredibly lackluster compared to the PC game. I wasn't expecting full 3D or anything, but it generally just hasn't been fun. 

Ocarina of time 3D - which shows just how much the porting team learned (Grezzo.) I haven't beaten it yet, (although I have beaten Ocarina of Time several times before) it's hard because the portability doesn't apply as well in this game, especially in the Fire Temple. 

Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance was initially quite engaging, even though the game had been spoiled for me. However, as time went on, I found I was just not having as much fun with the game, and the 3D was extremely poor in the one level I wanted it to be great in - Tron. Plus, the entire story was confusing the hell out of me. As an aside, the news of Kingdom Hearts III still being yet to be released continues to frustrate me. If Kairi kisses Sora I will forgive them, but if not, there will be blood.

Final Fantasy Theatrhythm: Curtain Call - Sadly, I bought the game used, and accidentally grabbed the first games box (same name sans "Curtain Call".) Interestingly, this choice of game has a story behind it. I never really played the main Final Fantasy games - but I went to PAX East a few years ago, and the Squenix booth was huge. they did a thing where if you played all their games, you got stamps or something, and could win a prize. Theatrhythm was one I played, and I loved it! So I knew I had to pick it up one day, if only to replay "One-Winged Angel" over and over. I've found other tracks I like as well. Still can't beat it on the hardest difficulty, I need more practice. I'm also still disappoint about the lack of any songs from the Tactics Advanced Series. Also the lack of an "e" in Theatrhythm, does not mean it is pronounced "Thee-at-Rhythm" as opposed to "Thee-at-ter-Rhythm" - one person kept doing that and pissed me off.

News-wise, FFVII Remake was announced. My reaction was "Good for the fans!" Cloud was added to Smash, my reaction was "more characters, yay!"

Senran Kagura Burst and Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson - This game is great. I love 'em. I can't play Burst because of how shitty it runs compared to Deep Crimson though. They're beat 'em ups with cute Ninja girls and a decent story behind it, although it still fills some of the tropes. I have to say I also have incredible fun dressing them up in outfits with accessories, it's like my inner 10-year-old-girl-with-a-barbie has awakened. I really hope the series continues to go on and be fun. I'd love to see a cross-over with Hyperdimension Neptunia. Plus, they're porting one of the Vita games to PC, so I support 'em even more.

Dead Or Alive: Dimensions was a cheap pre-owned game that ultimately ended up disappointing me, solidifying the longstanding belief I had that I would not like the game. However, many have said it has the weakest combat of the series, so I don't know. In the end, I honestly prefer fighters like Mortal Kombat or Smash Bros.

Speaking of which...

Super Smash Bros. For 3DS and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

So much wasted time not playing! I got these new, and played it to death. I love so much about it, except for the fact no one else was playing it anymore so I couldn't play local matches. I also got too good to play against some people, but luckily co-op was an option as well. I finally became somewhat good at Smash Bros. due to the necessity of online play to provide me with more content, and seeing Lythero as Ganondorf really inspired me to up my game. I carried over mains from brawl; Ganondorf and R.O.B., and picked up Duck Hunt Duo. I also like to play as Roy now that my boy is back! I've owned Smash Wii U since 2014, but never did much with it. Finally it's getting some attention. I dealt with getting really angry for a long while, but I've finally calmed down - for the most part. I have my issues with both of the games, but ultimately I'd rather have them than not.

(Pardon my pimping of my matches, I won, and I'm proud! I'm not the best, but I had fun. No way I'm going to EVO anytime soon.)

I also ended up picking up uh... 3 Ganondorf amiibos by accident, so if any of you are wondering

It's kinda my bad. I'm sending one to a friend who likes the character too though. Not sure what to do with the last.

Continuing into Wii U territory

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse - a game I started playing, and just... stopped. Not enough time to play games. I do really like it's art though.

Suffering the same issue: Yoshi's Woolly World - once again, a lack of time just prevents me from playing, and this break was not kind on time for games. Additionally I picked up Bayonetta 2 (with the included copy of 1) and once again, just stopped playing. (This was pre-Destructoid) Lastly, Super Mario Maker - which pleased me immensely with it's inclusion of what I consider my favorite 2D Mario - Super Mario World. I own lots of WiiU games, but haven't really gotten to playing them. Although I did play through quite a bit of Donkey Kong 64 on the virtual console.

My opinion on Fatal Frame V has mostly changed to a "Meh" concerning the changes in costumes, and I could remove the blog I did, but honestly, I feel addressing my change of opinion instead of just hiding my original one is the more appropriate response. I am still quite annoyed over the Removal of the breast size slider in Xenoblade Chronicles X though. As such, I'm keeping a wary eye on Nintendo, but it's not like I'm going to stop buying their games.

My mother also picked up a PS3 - more used games! Although because it is in the family area, the chance to play is less. I got Catherine which is an amazing puzzler, and picked up KH 1.5, KH 2.5, and Jak and Daxter HD Collection - a game I was confused to discover has a bug in all 3 of the games where the dash punch will often cause you to go off in a random direction - and it was never patched! Do they think this is some kind of game!?

Lastly I grabbed Ape Escape at a used game store, so lucky! And for Christmas I received Nier! Hooray for depressing stories!

Let's slide into PC Gaming shall we?

I picked up Resident Evil Revelations 2 when my friend came over so we could play co-op. We marathoned and beat the entire game, and it was incredible amounts of fun! Barry is one of my faves, and my buddy liked playing a Moira. I am very glad I picked it up. At a later date he and I played Broforce, which was also incredibly funny and enjoyable, hard as balls at times though. I grabbed Mortal Kombat X when I visited a friend, but we didn't really play it because she... well, I had a plan, since I don't get to visit often, but she treated it like any other day, so we didn't have time to play in the end - incredibly frustrating. I played it on my own later, through the campaign, but didn't bother with online too much as I sort of just stopped caring. I have resolved not to buy into hype and buy games when I can play them for the most part now.

Speaking of friends - GOG finally launched GOG Galaxy, their competitor to the Steam client, and... no one really uses it sadly. Plus, I eventually got a hold of the Steam Controller - and I fucking love it! One game in particular I use it with is Space Beast Terror Fright (I still have to play with Mike sometime!) The customizability of the controller is brilliant, I love trackball motion over regular mice, and the paddles on the back (or as they call them "grips") are a godsend. space Beast Terror Fright is like a roguelike FPS with an alien theme. I like it, it's tense, I'm also quite bad at it. Speaking of roguelikes, I picked up Binding of Isaac Rebirth + Afterbirth DLC, after watching Jim Sterling play it and got quite addicted. I'm not the best, but I can beat runs, which is rewarding.

Shovel Knight consumed an entire weekend, and when the free DLC released, Plague of Shadows, that too took up another weekend. The game is magnificent, and it led me to champion Shovel Knight for Smash - a concept that eventually ended up not happening, but I can still dream for it one day.

Oh, and Plague of Shadows... SO ADORABLE!

In other adorable things, I have played through some of the first of the Hyperdimension Neptunia games, quite enjoying my time there. I hope they continue to evolve and make them better as time goes on. Also, Nep X Noire for life. 

I also got gifted Akiba'STrip: Undead & Undressed a few days ago, and from what little I've played, the game is hilarious - but the porting is kinda bad, and the camera controls are intensely sluggish.. also, you can tweak the visual settings to make horrid monstrosities of art styles.

I played Speed Runners into 2015, and eventually dropped it as I had pretty much reached my peak of skill, but 200 hours into a cheap game is a pretty good amount. I made a good friend while playing it. Recently I bought him Distance - an interesting racing type game, it was cheap, and it can generate tracks on the fly, plus it has online multiplayer, so we played together a little and it was good fun.

He also bought, played, and liked a game on my suggestion, which was good, as I desperately needed someone to discuss...



Undertale is my GOTY, I loved it, every moment. I have Rock Paper Shotgun to thank, as a commentor posted a link to a youtube video belonging to Joel of Vinesauce, I grew to like his stuff was a regular by the time he started Undertale, and I decided I had to have the game. I bought it and played through it that same week, and well, I'll just leave my Steam review right here:

This game is beautiful. It is one of my all time favorites. It has elicit emotions from me in a way no other game has. I laughed, I cried in the first half an hour, I felt genuine fear. It has done something I always wished a game would try to do. It is worth every penny.

That's not even mentioning the AMAZING soundtrack! The game just blew my mind folks, and you can hate it, you can call it tumblr shit, but I don't give a flying fuck, I love it.

As for other things:

As Jim Sterling moved to be independent in later 2014, he started the Podquisition, which I now regularly listen to now! Jim Sterling having previously worked at Destructoid is what led me to finally pay more attention to the site, and eventually register. The rest is history.

I now follow some streamers, Rev and Joel, both from Vinesauce. I usually watch their stuff on youtube though.

Having learned of the site, I now frequent NeoGAF, in the hopes I will quickpost about news I read there before Dtoid covers it :P

I got Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions (PSP), FFIV & Chrono Trigger (PS1), and Tactics Ogre (PSP) from the Squenix black friday sale.

I also earlier picked up Paper Mario for N64, as I played my friends copy and fell in love with it. I asked him if he was proud of me and he finally acknowledged me as his son. LOL

I beat the first-non-tutorial boss in Dark Souls a couple days ago, then those fucking rats happened. FUCK THOSE RATS!

I suppose the only other thing noteworthy is I got to finally play a game with a community member, AmnaUmen! Played a bit of Rocket League, solid fun, and reminded me that I really enjoyed the game!

Here's hoping 2016 will be an even better year!

- Anata no, terebi ni, Jika-netto Tanaka Mi-n-na no, yoku no tomo

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