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Reminiscences of a Mental Defective.

So in my desperation to feel like I'm enveloped in video games despite my inability to play them, I decided to peruse the good ol' internet and catch myself up on the status of certain titles. So here are some mini-blogs!

Skate? I'd rather not. - So after seeing the new Skate video titled "Agent Orange" video on gametrailers, I have to say that I'm liking the game less and less the more I see of it. I want to like it; I want to break away from Tony Hawk, but some of the stuff I've seen on Skate just irks me. The visuals are pretty nice, some weird textures, but nothing to scoff at; what bothers me is the animation. Some of the animations are smooth, but the pedaling and ollies/landings just look off. I know that it's still in development and this shit can be smoothed out, but when you're going for realism the little details kinda make or break it. I mean a wonky landing on a 720 double-backflip quintuple-hardflip isn't as noticable in comparison to that of a kickflip down a five stair. But visuals aside, the game seems basic and the "flickit" controls seem impercise at best. I know it's release is still a ways off, and I really hope that I'll end up eating my words, but I calls 'em as I sees 'em. I'm honestly more "stoked" for Tony Hawk's Proving Grounds, and I know it'll just be a rehash with a couple new bells and whistles. And mohawks.

Soul Calibur 4 - Jeeeeesus, gimme some details that can be viewed online and not in an upcoming EGM soon! Please? I'll give you like 2 bucks. Also, boobs. If you didn't immediately think of Ivy in the teaser trailer, I envy your clarity of thought.

Bioshock - Can anyone really hate on this game? I'd hope not; quite frankly it looks friggin sweet. Now I'm buying it regardless of how it turns out, but the achievements that have been revealed so far scare me. "At our session's end, we checked out some of the Achievements built into the game...there are some peculiar entries, such as the Wrench King achievement which requires you [to] finish the entire game using the only the wrench and plasmids." I was hoping for an epic game, something like 25-30 hours with a metric asston of replayability, but the achievements are pointing to a more compact experience. Beat the whole game with a wrench and some magic spells (Although, insect swarm ftw.)? Unless functionally being a caster has a good amount of power to it, it seems like it'd be a pain to beat a lengthy game with such a limited arsenal. Who knows. I'm leaning towards the game being about 10-12 hours. *single tear*

Super Smash Bros Brawl - Samus? Crates? ...Sweet? Surprise surprise. Thanks Smash Bros. Dojo.

Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition - Why the hate for this game here at D-toid? I know, I know; the Wii owning populous is tired of lazy ports, but seriously? I can't think of a person who didn't think that RE4 would work perfectly with a Wiimote/Nunchuck combo as soon as they saw what the Wii could do. I mean maybe I'm just excited because I'll get to play as Ada and force Leon to wear a sweet mobster hat without owning a PS2.

Yeah, some of this stuff may be old x 10, but I felt like talkin' about it regardless. Also, two more days for sweet trade-in deals at Gamestop/Ebgames! I urge you not to miss it. Shameless self plug, I know.
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