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Feel Ripped Off by Trade-ins?

I hate two post 2 blogs consecutively, but I feel this was important enough to be its own topic due to time restrictions and whatnot.

When one sells back games, consoles, or accessories to Gamestop/EBgames/Gamecrazy/ect, I think it's human nature to instinctively feel robbed. But mostly it's because you are being robbed; those dicks give you almost nothing. Anyways, I recently traded in some games and was actually friggin' satisfied due to some awesome deals at EB and Gamestop that only last until Sunday; so I feel obligated to inform you guys that weren't aware. Now is the time to cash in on those gems you'll never play again.

So I traded in 5 games and a gamecube. All those games, sans one that was $22 credit, were valued at less than $15 each and the gamecube itself was valued at $20-ish. I ended up with roughly $145 in credit. Sweet deal if I've ever seen one.

Here's the cliff notes version of the offers (THEY DO NOT WORK WITH CASH TRADE INS):
Trade in 3 games: extra %10 credit
Trade in 4 games: exrta %20 credit
Trade in 5 or more games: exrta %30 credit
Trade any system besides GBA and GBA:SP - Extra $20
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