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sometimes i see the weirdest shit.

i was driving down the street today and i saw a tree growing in the middle of the street, and i wasn't on drugs this time. by my house there is a road called state line road, and it literally divides missouri and kansas. one side of the street is kansas the other is missouri. there is a crack going down the middle of the street as though each state layed their own piece of road down and didn't seal em together, and growing through the crack was a lil baby tree growing in the middle of the street, it was one of the craziest things i have ever seen. not in the median, the middle of the road.

also i hate when you wipe your ass to hard and the piece of toilet paper gets stuck in your bum hole and you stand up just to feel it hanging there.

also, spoilers to the new angelina jolie movie. daniel pearl dies.
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