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My 6 Favorite Laptop Gaming Accessories


While the main systems in computer gaming have traditionally been desktops, the gaming laptop is on the rise, especially with manufacturers turning out top of the line systems with enough RAM and processing power to handle all your gaming needs. Just having the laptop isn't always enough, however: the top gaming accessories on the market can make your gaming experience even better. We've rounded up the top gaming accessories to bring your game to the next level. Read on to find out what has us pumped. 

The Chill Mat

Even with the best fan system, laptops can still overheat. Whether you're playing on a desk, table, or your lap, a chill mat can help keep your laptop cool, extending both your game time and the life of your computer.

Most chill mats have an easy-to-use ergonomic design that won't get in the way. They work with fans that either move heat away from your laptop or blow cool air up toward it, which prevents overheating. 

Professional Gaming Keyboards

While all of Lenovo's wide variety of laptops have full keyboards, a gaming keyboard is a little different. While there are full keyboard varieties, some models have up to fifteen programmable keys with simultaneous keypress capabilities.

Some of these smaller keyboards have joysticks attached for an even more customizable gaming experience. Whether you're playing a shooter or the latest MMORPG , a programmable gaming keyboard can help improve your game.

Gaming Headsets with Mic

Image via Flickr by Marco Verch
If you're playing a game online, a gaming headset can help you keep in touch with your teammates or others in the game, while reducing outside distractions. Most gaming headsets have top of the line speakers so even if you aren't playing online, you'll be able to hear everything in the game with crystal clarity, whether it's the footfalls of your arch nemesis or an approaching enemy vehicle.

Good headsets also have super cushy earpieces as well as adjustable bands so you can stay comfortable during long gameplay. If you record your games, having a headset with a mic can help you get the best sound in your recordings without any of the annoying feedback that comes from recording through built-in computer microphones.  

An External Game Recorder

Speaking of recording your game, while there are many downloadable recording applications, nothing creates an HD video stream like an external game recorder. Straightforward recording capability means you don't have to worry about fiddling with apps while playing.

External HD recording devices can record the stream from any unencrypted source and turn it into formats acceptable for sites like YouTube and Twitch. These devices are also handy if you're planning on competing in an online tournament.

Gaming Mouses With Extra Functionalities

While a track pad is standard on laptops, it usually isn't the best choice for games. Instead, a gaming mouse can help you get the most out of your game. There are many options, including mice designed specifically for left- or right-handed players. 

Some mice even have hot keys mounted to them, so you don't waste a second trying to move your mouse while navigating to your most important controls. Having a gaming mouse can make all the difference between winning and losing, whether playing online, with friends, or by yourself.

Auxiliary Controlling Options

Whether you're talking about a racing wheel with pedals or an external joystick, extra controls can greatly improve your gaming experience and help you get the extra edge on the competition. There are many models to choose from, designed specifically for different kinds of games.

Fans of racing games will love the more immersive experience of a wireless USB race car wheel, especially when paired with gas pedal and brake. For shooters or flying games, a joy stick with mounted hot key buttons can help you triumph over your enemies. 

These accessories can be extremely helpful in elevating your game to the next level. Whether you're a hardcore player or just enjoy the occasional game, having the right accessories can make the experience more fun and keep you on top.

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