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Japan Arcade Experience pt2: God Damn claw machines.....


Ok so claw machines arn't new to anyone. I'm sure you guys at one point in your lives have seen one and wasted money on. A play for one is like what, 25-50cents? Then you might have a date that is really insistant on you wining one prizes for her. Naturally you would think its not a big deal and play, and play, and play until you've wasted $20 on a stupid claw game without winning anything and losing your masculinity in the process. Now imagine if the cost is not 50cents but $2. That is how expensive it is on average for a single try in Japan. Not only that but some decent prizes can be found in the machine as well so you have more of a motivation to try that shit out. So instead of losing $20 its possible that you lose $50 and STILL not win! The claw games make me a sad panda...
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