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Forza Withdrawl

Ugh. So in case you didn't read my previous post, my 360 broke yesterday, 4 fucking days after the warranty was up. I could rant about that incident, but that'd be getting off topic. So the day before I got the ring of death, I decided to sell my soul and buy Forza 2. I loved the first one, and was aware that by buying the second one I had signed an invisible contract that guarenteed I would waste no less than 200 hours of my life tuning and painting cars, as well as participating in the obligitory race here and there.

Well I came to terms with that; and quite frankly was ready to play the fuck out of Forza 2. After a glorius 6 hours of menial races and car collection, the xbox died. You would think that my reaction would be "Ohmagawd, $400 machine broke." Nope. It was "Damn it, can't try out the online on Forza."

So now here I sit, a broken man, waiting for my coffin to arrive with only dreams of taking turns at unreasonable high speeds in a no doubt profanely painted car in my head.

I just wanted to see who here plays Forza, if my grief over not experiencing the online is in vain, and who wants to race when I get the 'box up and running.

P.S. Damn it; this is just a rant. So much for intelligent blog posts only.
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