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World of Whatevercraft


Shortly after my failed attempt to enjoy a free weekend of Bethesda's MMO The Elder Scrolls Online, I noticed that Blizzard had discreetly offered me a 10 Day pass to their long-running MMO World of Warcraft. So I shrugged and downloaded the game. The process was faster and smoother than the laundry list of issues that plagued my attempts to play TESO, save for an odd internet connectivity issue that sprang up almost immediately after the installation finished and kept my connection dodgy all weekend.

So I hopped back into World of Warcraft.

And 4-5 hours later, I hopped back out again and uninstalled it. To put it politely, the game is just boring. I've said this in earlier posts, but World of Warcraft is done. The gameplay has aged horribly. The subscription system has to end. Whatever popularity it used to have is never coming back. Any new players it could have drawn came and went years ago, and the die-hards are slowly but surely moving on. And despite Blizzard's limp attempts at rekindling the flame, all they have offered up is more of the same. It doesn't need more expansions, it needs a fresh start.

Blizzard, you should be ashamed of yourself. You have no reasonable excuse for any of this, and your more recent products suggest you know exactly what made WoW age so terribly. Yet refuse to do anything about it.

And we all know why you won't. The game still has millions of players feeding Blizzard money in a scheme more exploitative than anything EA has pulled off in recent years. I can only conclude they're keeping the doors open for WoW  because money squeezed out of the gullible is still money.

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