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This is going to be the loneliest Xmas of my life, AMA


It's been a long year, friends. I'm tired. Oh so tired. A post that normally takes me 30 minutes to write might take an hour right now. I don't think I'm alone in this; feels like most the staff is looking forward to getting back at it after recharging their batteries. I know the recharge is necessary for me.

The recharge process will be different than normal this year. Last week, I got to tell my mom that I wouldn't be coming home for Christmas. It didn't go great. This will mark exactly the first time in my life that I haven't been with them for the holiday. I live in Colorado and all my family lives in North Dakota. I just don't really have the energy to make it back. I'd rather zone out stress-free instead.

Maybe you can help carry me toward the finish line. Steven posted an AMA yesterday, and it looked fun. Maybe we can do that too? Selfish as it sounds, I guess it's kind of like a reverse Christmas card. Instead of me telling you about all the cool things that happened this year, you can just ask what you're interested about. Or, talk about anything else. Let's just talk. You're the best.

Look at this upside-down kitty tryna fall asleep on me.

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