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2 Cent Tuesdays: Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality has come and gone since the mid 90's as somewhat of a failure to hit the masses. I'm I the only one who remembers playing Descent II with my sweet 3D glasses in '95? Those were the glory days of "VR", when companies were willing to put their money on the line for a taste of reality.

The Virtual Boy was a classic example of VR done wrong, and unfortunately was the most well known of such products to the mass market.

Now for my 2 Cents on VR: It hasn't been given a fair chance. During the mid 90's when people were throwing money at it, the technology just wasn't there yet. Hopefully with today's advancements, a company with enough balls will come along and revitalize the VR phenomenon. The closest thing we have to "feeling" a game right now is force feedback and the Wii. The Wii does the trick to some extend but fails to really stimulate a person visually. There are advanced VR systems available right now, but they can be very expensive and are still very much a niche item, driven by smaller companies.

I really hope we can all get over the "Virtual Boy" stigma and larger game companies become willing try and advance this area of gaming that is lacking. Pick up the slack!

oh yea, and since nobody got to read it, here's a link to my first entry.
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