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Electro gets busted!

Okay, so for those of you not in the know, we run a nightly chatroom in stickam called Yay M&Ms (NamelessTed reference, ftw). On average, this chatroom ranks around the top 10 in Stickam chats. Anyway, it's filled with the usual Dtoid fodder such as videogame discussion, social chat about completely random things, CJP farting into mics, Angelsdontbun doing his Sal Rosenburg impressions, Puppet being a dick to fat girls (any woman weighing over 90 pounds), guess the videogame soundtrack via Milky, random music playing, Ted's Jew-Fro cam, electro-lemon dancing, and various randoms entering chat only to be scared away by our antics. I even lip synch to bad 80's tunes.

Last night, after consistent bombardment by 80's hair metal, electro_lemon decides he wants to dance to some "Hungry like the Wolf" by the one and only Duran Duran. After acquiring said MP3, I begin to broadcast it over the stickam channel. After the removal of his shirt, some "cabbage-patching" and a really bad robot, Electro starts working out a sweet pelvic thrust move when one of his parents walk in. Needless to say, his feed abruptly ends and we all laugh for a good 10 minutes as we realize that he just got OWNED!

Electro, you're one of the reasons that stickam chat is so much fucking fun, and we hope you didn't get into too much trouble, but fuck if we didn't have the most epic laughs ever. Thanks man, and we'll see you in a couple weeks... hopefully.
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