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Digisee Digihear Digiknow it's comin'?


So, whether you know about it or not, there's a new Digimon World game coming out next year in Japan! Which, no, is not the same thing as the new Digimon Story game coming out in the West soon. They're different! Different gameplay and stuff. Very different! Like Dragonball Z Budokai and Dragonball Z Taiketsu different! Okay, not that different, but you know what I mean, am I right?

Anyway! None of that matters. Or at least right this second. Right this second, we're going to talk the trailer Bandai Namco put up today! You can view it at Gematsu right on down over here, or just watch it right here.

Pretty cool, right?

But most importantly, more important than the protagonist of the original Digimon World returning, that you can fuse with your Digimon, and even more important than just about everything else in that snazzy trailer! What you need to pay attention to here is this:

Dat ass.

And dat ass. Tail. Whatever!

Or, to be more specific, the things dem asses are attached to!

See, some of you may not know about it, or not know much about it, but there was a sixth Digimon anime series that aired in 2010.

It was weird! Different! Crazy! The manga based very loosely off it featured more naked girls than I would have expected from Digimon!

But golly gosh did I just love it. It was fun, and it was Digimon! It was hot-blooded! It ended with a little crossover with every show that had come before it, even!

Overall, it was, well... fun!

Unfortunately, despite the recent surge of new Digimon video games, most of which have come after this show was on, besides for one DS game (with two versions) tying into it and very blatantly reusing assets of older ones, the video games and their developers have been pretty blatantly ignoring its existence in favor of game original content and good ol' nostalgia.

Until today, that is!

The two Digimon pictured above are the two "main" ones from Digimon Xros Wars: Shoutmon and Gumdramon. I love the little bastards, and I want it to be heard that Bandai Namco just got a day one buy for Cyber Sleuth out of me just if it can get me closer to this (Digimon World Next Order) in English. 

Uh... So that's about it! This blog really doesn't have a point! I'm just in a gosh darn good mood.

Which means today, we close on reaction images.

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