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Japan Arcade Experience pt1: Robots are freaking sweet edition

Currently I live in the land of the rising sun which allows me to play the coolest arcades out on the market. They have games for all different tastes and including those of more... aquired taste. So what better way to start a multi-part attention whoring blogger on Destructoid do then start with the awsomeness of robots.

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED : Federation Vs. Z.A.F.T. II

As I'm sure some of you anime fans and or nerds have watched this show. I prefer to watch shows where the main protagonist isn't some teen pilot thats somehow better then pilots with years of military experience, but thats me. However playing as giant robots bringing on destruction is never bad in my book.

The game starts out with you choosing your difficulty setting, giant robot, and pilot. On the each side there is a ceratin amount of team life points that you obviously makes you have to kill your opponent. How many team life points you lose for each death depends on the robot you choose. So if you chose an extremely badass gundam, if you die then you can take off over half of your team life points. Thats the price that comes with power; although chooseing something completly gimp allows you to die several times over and still be ok. Choosing a pilot doesn't change anything gameplay wise since all it really does is let you choose your favorite character.

Matches start with you choosing either speed, rush, or power for your special. Ignore rush and power since everybody chooses speed. The game has 4 buttons with one for gun attack, melee attack, boost, and change target. Pressing these buttons together in different combinations offers different moves depending on which robot you chose. Timing your dashes and firing is key to winning in this game so studying the delays certain moves offer can create comboes. However, when I play this game I always love using the joke character to kick the uber gundams' asses.

Mobile Suit Gundam 0083:Card Builder

Yes the title is not wrong, this is a card game. Despite what you may you think of Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic the Gathering, this is a pretty interesting, fun, and complex game.

The team point system is again used in this game with Gundam cards being more expensive then the run of the mill mobile suit. They do this so people who have been playing for a while don't make an army of nuclear gundams to smite you and your pathetic mobile suits. Instead of facing an opponent in the same arcade as you in the previous game, you can shoose to fight someone in store, over the internet, or a npc opponent. Also instead of rules involving flipping cards, needing mana, and other boring aspects of card games; in this game you place your mobile suits in certain positions on this panel and turn the card itself to put its aim onto an enemy unit. Of course you have to do this while avoiding your oppenent's aim view as well. There are a lot of other things involved in the game, such as environment effects on the mobile suits, but explaining everything will take too much time and I want to get to the other games.

If really want to check out more about the game, go to http://gundam-cardbuilder.com/. If you can't read Japanese then put it through the google translater.

2 Spicy

I will not lie to you, most of the robot games out now are gundam related. There are some older games that are robot related on the mame cabinets in the arcades, but they arn't played as much and I thought I should be easy on myself and keep the games recent.

This game despite the picture is about robots fighting each other Time Crisis style. In most shooting arcade games, the point is to beat the level with or without the help of a friend. However in 2 Spicy, yes I know the name sucks, the point of the game is to fight your friend in a gun duel. You each choose a character depending on their stats and fight it out. In the game you arn't just sitting their seeing who can shoot each other the fastest, you also have foot pedals at the bottom to move your character either left or right to avoid fire and hide behind obstacles in the environment. Double tapping a single direction makes your character do a roll out of enemy fire. Also the environment is destructable, so if you like hiding behind a pillar for too long your opponent can destroy the pillar to cause you damage and leave you open for more gunfire.

Now how does this relate to robots you might ask? Well each of the characters are robots. Thats right, they are all actually robots. Its kinda cool to see the damage from the gun fire on your character opening up patches of skin to see the robot underneath. Apparently being a robot allows them to have a decent accent when speaking Enlish as well, which is a big surprise considering the English voices in Sega's own Virtua Fighter. The Characters are as follows:

here you have your standard hip and or cool Japanese lead character, the guy that looks like a former maine and is the manliest of the bunch, and your standard chick character that just so happens to be from Hong Kong.

Here we have Mr. thinks anime hair is a good idea in real life, the standard red neck biker with a shotgun, and the guy who cuts himself and or the Voldo of this game. The thing that surprised me the most about this game actually is how well they did the red neck accent for Laurence. He's pretty funny too, just because of how stupid he is. Favorite quote of the game, "Mah shotgun.. its prutty big isn't it."

Gundam: The Bonds of the Battlefield
I saved the best game for last so here it is.

I'm sure each of us during our lifetime at one point thought, "It would be so sweet to be a pilot of a gian robot like(insert your favorite robot show and or power ranger series here)." Well guess what, now you can. In what is currently the mosty popular arcade game, not going by real numbers but what I have personally seen, you can pilot a mobile suit in an authentic cockpit.

How the game works is you first need to make a card where to type your name and decide to either be on the good guy's side, Earth, or the bad guy's, Zeon. Your card will keep your progress information and keep the information of what mobile suits you earned. Once you have that you go into the game cockpit and prepare to start. Depending on the arcade you go to, they will have a head set for you or you have to buy one yourself. You see in this game you can communicate with your friends on stradegies or ask for help through the headset while you are playing. The only drawback is that you can only communicate to your friends in the same arcade. "You talk to only friends in your arcade you say, well that means..", yes that means this game is online as well. Anyway back to how the cockpit works, when you get in there are 2 levers and 2 foot pedals. The foot pedals are for your jumping and for you boosting whilre the levers are for moving and aiming your mobile suit. On each lever there are 2 buttons that operate you gun attack on the right hand and melee attack on the left. The second button on each lever both do the same for locking onto an opponent. Once you start the game up the game will take a little bit of time to load up to get all players playing from around Japan together on the battlefield. Once that happens you choose which mobile suit you want to use. Newer and better mobile suits having to be earned in different ways depending on which new mobile suit you want to earn. The types of mobile suits up for use and the maps are always changing and updated by the developers. Here is the current list of mobile suits up for use, although 1 on each side are on the way by Wensday. They also make other changes besides just adding maps and mobile suits like fog of war messing up with your radar as well as changing the game from being 4vs4 to 8vs8. I would have to say that this is my favorite arcade game by far.

I could be taking advantage of being in Japan and buying so many other console and hand-held games, but my arcade addiction is sucking that money up way too fast. My addiction is very upset that I will have to return to America while my wallet is celebrating.
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