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PS4 Controller is Garbage


I have been gaming since 1990 when I turned 4 years old. I've used every controller you can think of since Atari with its mighty shaft of a stick and single durable button. Years and years of gaming I've gone through generation after generation of consoles, controllers, hardware etc. I have never broken a single thing, despite my younger years filled with the rage NES games can bring and I physically smashed my controllers on my basement floors. Yet, they still work to this day and are still plugged into my TV. 

Jump to today and my first ever issue with a gaming controller arises with the PS4 Dual Shock 4. Of course, there's the rubber issue everyone's already heard about on the joysticks. My rubbers have finally started to come off, I don't play the PS4 a "ton" maybe 10 hours a week? I'm older now I don't get as much time to play games. Needless to say, it didn't take much to ruin them.

My huge issue with the controller though, came when I tried to play Driveclub. I'm a big fan of racing games and fancy myself to be pretty decent at them. To my surprise Driveclub was incredibly difficult, and felt like the game had immense "rubber banding" going on with the AI. After much googling, I learned I was in the minority. This game isn't hard! What's wrong with me. So I try some time trials with ghosts, and notice that everyone is blazing ahead of me at the start of the race. Why? What am I doing wrong? 

After much toil, I came across a random post on Gamefaqs where another player had the same issue I did. He discovered his R2 button wasn't getting a full pull so he wasn't hitting max acceleration. I thought, this must be my dilemma. So I plugged the controller into my PC and used the driver software that lets it work with it. The software also reads out the buttons to make sure it's working right. A full pull of the triggers reads "255" on the program. My L2 was "255" but my R2...well it bounced from 233 to 255 randomly. What the hell I say to myself....

So the surgery begins and this is where things get interesting. Popping open the PS4 controller I learned something about it. The triggers are the worst designed triggers I've ever seen and are fundamentally flawed. The "button" part of the trigger is a small hollow rubber circle of sorts that get progressively pushed down by the Trigger which pushes on it with a plastic bar that goes across it. Seeing the problem yet? A BAR pushes on a CIRCLE...This is a round peg square hole problem if I've ever seen one. So what happens, and what happened to me, is my rubber circle has two divots on either side where the bar normally presses down. It is worn down. The bar goes through here now instead of pressing down, so I don't get a full pull of the trigger.

$60 for this rubbish and it all could have avoided if the engineers of it played a child's toy as a kid where you insert correct shapes into their respective holes. Put an equal plastic circle on the triggers, not a BAR. Honestly, I don't have an engineering degree but it took me all of 10 minutes to spot this problem. I have since fixed this by putting a small piece of duct tape over the circle so now the bar has another thing it can eventually wear down. So for now, it works.

After discovering this I realized I wasn't alone. The R2 problem on PS4 controllers is a much bigger one than you'd think. Most don't notice because really it only comes up with racing games. You wouldn't notice if you only played Destiny, you don't need a full trigger pull to shoot things.

But that's it...that's my rant...the PS4 controller is crap and I wish I could use a different controller for it...the end...

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