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Dtoid we need to have a chat..


Every year there are several things I look forward to, being a person that does different hobbies regularly that's normal. I don't know why I followed it up with that statement as it doesn't really serve a purpose and comes off kind of confrontational. Let me just fix that.

Fixed. Okay. So one of said things is the one, the only PAX East. A convention that happens every year in the lovely city of Boston. It's pretty cool alright and there are several destructoid things to do therein.

More to the point. Getting to go to PAX East (And most PAXes for that matter...) has become increasingly difficult. I mean you would probably have an easier time finding a Modest Mouse fan outside of Seattle, and that's already basically unthinkable. It has always been Destructoid that I counted on to get me up to speed when tickets go on sale. Usually resulting in me at least getting to go to the show for a day or two. Didn't happen this year and that kind of sucked. I generally enjoy the articles because I get to talk to dtoiders I might actually end up meeting in a few months and exchange ideas on what size fur coat would be most effective for the outdoors community photo... (inside joke)

You let me down Destructoid. What the funk guys :( 

But I did get lucky and ended up with a pair of (non-scalped) tickets admitting me to the glorious three day game getaway that is another year of PAX. So no harm done, t'was in the right place at the right time when I needed it. Hopefully other dtoiders were as lucky. 

All of that being said, might as well make good use of this blog and seek out Avatars to Adopt (that could be you!) and Avatar Adopters (going to the con). Hey Mr. Destructoid! Yes Faithful community member? What's Avatar Adoption?? Funny you should ask...

Avatar Adoption is the process of taking the people we love and would love to have join us at PAX, MAGfest or whatever but unfortunately couldn't be there. In the comments below, say either that you're going and want to adopt avatars or that you have a wish to be adopted for PAX East this year. 

That is all. 

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