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My Elder Scrolls Online Free Weekend Diary


Day One, Thursday December 10

Installation begins. 30+GB, but hey, I have a decent internet connection. Shouldn't take me more than a few hours at the very most.

Day Two, Friday December 11

Download struggled at a confusing 500kb/s, and nothing I did to ease the bandwidth on my side worked. I can only assume so many people were downloading the game that it choked something on Bethesda's end. Took 24 hours to download, install, download updates, install updates, and verify everything. 

Try to log in. Game says my password is invalid. That's impossible, I logged onto their site easily enough and they both use the same UserID's and Passwords. Try an assortment of passwords, losing patience. Consider uninstalling but I still have two days I might be able to play. Contact tech support to tell them the problem, automated message says it can take up to 1 business day to reply.

Day Three, Saturday December 12

Twenty-four hours later I get a response. They tell me I didn't apply the free weekend code to my account to play. Clumsy mistake on my part, embarrassing to say the least, but one that could have been easily rectified--saving us both time and trouble--if they game simple stated "You don't have an activated account" instead of "Your password is invalid." 

Uninstall game.

Thanks, Bethesda. I'll never forget that weekend we spent together,

Fuck Right Off,

M. Wally

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