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i rant too damned much. how does i get rid of all these comments from an old post?!?!

did yo guys all know that 50 cent owns part of Glaceau, sports drink/vitamin water whaddever the hell you wanna call it? well just like his raps, its passable not the greatest thing ever but still better than drinking your own piss, or water if your in mexico. well here's 50 to tell you why you need to get you some

no sometimes people/companies will do anything to make a quick buck. i mean what does mr. Cent have to do with a flavored vitamin water? when will you think of the two together, like if your exhausted after poppin some caps in some bitch asses, or if your exhausted after running from the cops in your gunit cloths and your g-unit branded reeboks and think man i'm beat, i gots ta get me some nutrients n shit, then go to the store and pick up your favorite rappers drink? just a case of clickity clank more money in his piggy bank. may i also ad i could not find a single picture of him holding a bottle of it?

or a few weeks ago i was watching super size me, and what do i see advertised in almost every commercial break? Mc Donalds. who the hell comes up with this shit? we're playing a anti-mc donalds movie, lets advertise mc donalds when ever we can.

or the shrek whoring, first there was the commercials with the shrek stars encourging kids to get out and play, exersice, be healthy. then soon after they were thrown on every junk food around, m&m's, mc donalds, oreos, the list goes on and on. now i know that part of being a business or running a successful franchise is to make money. but when you contridict yourself you look like an ass. get out and play!!! then sit down and watch your shrek dvd and eat a happy meal, then snack on some m&m's, and maybe eat some oreos while playing shrek the third on your favorite consul so you counter act the fact you just got exercise. some people and companies are just far too willing to whore themselves out to anyone with enough money and doesn't care what message they convey in the process.

but the real question is, are they the whores?
or are we the whores for buying what they're pimping?
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