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Community who? Okay, that...

I'm confused. What's a bloggs? And what is this Web 2.0? You kids and your doo-dads.

Expect the following and much more from the Phistoid:
- artsy fartsy partay time
- gaming event coverage
- narcotics recipes
- anything Electro Lemon
- "Everyone, Do The EMO!"
- Ron Workman's Beard Care Corner
- Asians Against Charlie weekly group therapy sessions
- Atheistium's gamer girl adventures in Ye Olde Britannia
- Hushgush's Illustrator Summer Camp (girl's bunk raids included)
- Genki-JAM's "What Would Bill Cosby Do?"
- "Also, Macs..."
- Puppet's iSketch School (Hint: a penis)
- Nameless Ted's Waterhole

I'll catch you in a few, Dtoids.
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