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What do you feel about The Game Awards?


So I was driving to my Avid class when I heard on NPR Marketplace where they interviewed the guy who produced "The Game Awards." It was a huge shock as to my knowledge nothing like this has been done before, and NPR was already calling this award ceremony "...The Oscas of Gaming..." Which got me thinking about the award ceremony and all how far too little do they affect my personal gaming life.

But that brought up many questions:

Why do we really need such awards?

Who is running them?

Is this really good for the community?

Gaming for me has always been more of a grass roots thing, where small teams can create universes that clash head to head with the most popular media out there. I won't lie, I am probably showing my age here but gaming was heavily scrutinized publicly when I was into it. If you were caught talking about it at school people did not want to associate with you and you usually ended up sitting at a table with people you would never personally associate with but the fact that you all loved playing video games held you together more than any other topic.

So its kind of hard being in this post apocalyptic world where it seems that the "geek" culture is now popular.

Post-2008 seems to be the marking point of video games overtaking the entertainment market as the majority.

However in this world we still have the same players trying to play bad games with consumers that have less than a few years of experience in the market. Most noticeably a huge push for latest and greatest has our current next gen consoles completely maxed out and with very little original content.

Well watching it I totally got the same feeling as I did whenever I watched any content on Spike TV's gaming site. Which is not bad at all, I actually liked their stuff, which made G4 look bad for some time. It just seems kind of weird that they seem to have a lot of credibility for a thing that only has been going for the last two years.

1) Do we really need such awards?

Personally, maybe in the 1980s when the Internet was still to slow to hold the vast of interactive scripts we use today I could see something like this really thriving. Maybe that is why E3 and other conventions have such a nice reception, even though they are kind of waning, because it was a celebration of video game developers and hardware makers.

I am sure you all know about Nintendo Power covering E3 specials with all the great images and superimposing.

Which, I think that this event is a great recap, but it simply overlooks a lot of smaller titles and does not even bother trying to break outside of the known norms of popular gaming.

2) Who so running them?

To answer that you would have to know who the [email protected]#* is Geoff Keighley.

Basically, the producer for Game Trailers, and co-hosted the G4 show.

I feel really bad for the fall of G4 but then again it was bit ambitious for the time and it was before competitive gaming stared streaming. So filling TV with 24/7 gaming news/media would have been too big to in 2002.

But the thing is that, he is really good at making events and he has the connections and money to do so.

3) Is this really good for the community?

I was really ready to hate on The Game Awards, but the more I watched their video it was really neat to see the spectacle that this kind of event can bring. That said there are some clear issues that need to be ironed out. Mainly that they push AAA development or actively established franchises, over the top of other titles. (Not really sure if its just all the advertising to get the awards established) But it does come off a bit odd.

I am kind of astounded by the lack of gaming press representation, not really sure if it was intentional. But it does seem odd that Destructoid was not included in the party... I know we are not always considered the best of the gaming community but I feel that Destructoid has been a lot more honest to the gaming community and much more real for gamer in general. (Though I totally get that it probably too easy to fill any list of judges and advisers if you have a lot of friends in the gaming press.)

So anyway what were thoughts about the awards?

Did they represent your thoughts?

I really loved the Westwood highlight :D

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