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Sneak peek at your future Cblogs Upgrade


In the next few weeks your blog will get a minor cosmetic update, but a major underlying CSS improvement. This is mostly in part to help us load faster on iOS 9 devices and Android Marshmellow, and also gets our code organized enough to let us do more interesting things with article layouts (planned for March).  Huge thanks to Raul, who designed and coded these. Peep it:

Example 1: User's  home page

Example 2: User's individual post

The major design change here is that we're adopting Twitter's post counts instead of small tabs for subsections of user content, and hopefully make it easier for people to get and track their followers (and who follows them).  This concept has long-since been vague on Dtoid so hopefully by straight up copying the #1 who gets it right it will become easier to use.  As you can also see, quickposts by an individual are more broken out (note: these links are hosted on a personal site so the speed is not reflective of Destructoid's beefy hosting service, and where it says "posts" it will read "blogs" instead)

What do you think of the update?  Let us know. 

- It takes a lot to make a stew

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